The Ultimate Prayer Journal For Divine Connection


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Mindful thinking is a skill that comes with training and awareness. Being conscious of your mental patterns helps uncover the roots of some of your difficulties. Until you understand yourself inside out, the power to change your destiny is limited. One thing is clear, no one can think your way out of any problems. You have to do your thinking and harvest the fruits of your thoughts.

Our thoughts are powerful energy that can transform lives for the better or, the worse.

We are all product of our thoughts, and we must never underestimate their influence on our lives. What you think matters; your persistent thoughts are seeds sown in the garden of our mind. The harvest is fruits similar to the equivalent of the seed thoughts. Good thoughts toward others and self, yield good fruits for others and the thinker. Similarly, evil thoughts produce bad fruits for the thinker and those around them.

This journal offers you the opportunity to change your negative thought patterns that stand in the way of your success. It helps you become more aware of your mental life and inspires you to develop a success conscious mindset.

To become successful and happy, no matter what your life situation is, you must develop the habit of thinking bigger and better than your environment. It would be best if you thought harmoniously towards others. You must see beyond your physical eyes, and that means to develop your mind eyes.

Through the daily practice of mind cleansing using this journal, you will learn conscious thinking, dynamic affirmations for thought reversal, and shift the energy of thoughts in support of your goals and vision.

Nothing positive happens on the outside until the inner work is done correctly and consistently.

This journal helps you develop the capacity to access your inner power to think positively and healthily.


Author: Sara Ahavah


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