Or in Need of a Positive Turnaround of Event?

During our time together, you will learn everything you need to know to

⇒ Find balance in your life, be in control of your life, and thrive in all spheres.

⇒ Identify and clarify your vision andgoals.

⇒ Tap into your inner self-power to heal, transform, and create.

⇒ Uncover the major obstacles that are getting in your way and is stopping you from living a joy-filled life.

⇒ Overcome your fear and deal with negative emotions.

⇒ Align with the totality of your being, your higher self, and your soul.

⇒ Amplify your healing skills with easy access to guidance.

⇒ Disconnect and Find Peace in a Noisy World.

Using a series of powerful energetic practices for rapid transformation, you will…

⇒ Tap into your creativity and work with the forces of nature to make positive things start happening in your life.

⇒ Heal from within and release mental and emotional blocks that are holding you back in relationships, finances, and business.

⇒ Tap into your higher consciousness to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

⇒ Raise your soul vibration to levels that will raise your awareness, transform your inner self, and expand your consciousness.

⇒ Serve yourself and others in a much powerful way.

⇒ Expand and radiate energy for the transformation of others.

⇒ Step into your Awaken Self, your flowing Inspiration for an abundant and fulfilling life

If you’re feeling

⇒ Lost, Confused or Stuck in life

⇒ Damaged and broken Scattered

⇒ In need of clarity and direction

⇒ Drained Emotionally and unable to focus

⇒ Fearful and anxious

⇒ Low self-worth and lack of self-love

⇒ not good enough and low in confidence

What Others Are Saying

Sarainnerhealing leap-icon-100x100 1-1 Healing Session

I have been using the services and products of Dr Shelah over the last few years. I can honestly say I have been lucky to tap into her wisdom. I had all sorts of turbulence in my life when I started the service. By the end of three months I was calmed down. By the sixth month, I began to make sense of my life situation and take active steps to regain my confidence. Now I am moving confidently into my new career and I am very grateful.

Andre  H

Sarainnerhealing leap-icon-100x100 1-1 Healing Session

I must confess I was skeptical when she handed me a blended oil for emotional trauma. I could not believe the swift calmness I felt after few use. In fact, the oils smell so good, people keep asking what am wearing and where they could get them. I am very grateful.

Mike W

Sarainnerhealing leap-icon-100x100 1-1 Healing Session

I had lots of emotional traumas- frustration, sadness, lots of noise in the head and generally restless. First I was checked for trapped emotions which was quickly removed using magnetic therapy. Then I was prescribed a set of Bach Flower Remedies which were targeted at my particular circumstance. Within 78 hours my mind calmed down. I had many nights without sleep but this treatment left me rested and with no nightmares.

Francess R

Sarainnerhealing leap-icon-100x100 1-1 Healing Session

My mother is over 78 years old and like many elderly have many issues. Dr Shelah is my go to for her special blend of oils that are prayerfully put together to suits her mind and emotions. I will recommend her at all times.

Emma K

Then this session is for you.