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Thank you for visiting this page, and a big thanks to all readers and reviewers of A Conversation With The Sages Series’

Many of you have asked for an opportunity to meet and discuss the wisdom of the Sages. Some have asked questions and need further clarification about Sages Wisdom.

I am grateful that it has triggered insightful thoughts within, and of course, that was the  intention from its inception.

If you have not yet read the books in this series, I will encourage you to do so. It holds some fascinating concepts with a practical bent which will hopefully help you in times of desperate needs. With this in mind, I have put together some videos to answer some of the common questions.

I will also love to meet you monthly to answer any questions you may have about the books’ contents.

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You will receive a video sharing real-life stories and decades of research for life’s meaning that inspire this book’s birth. You will hear about the struggles that brought Sara Ahavah in touch with the sages wisdom and more…………

Here are some of the reviews in Amazon & Goodreads

What Others Are Saying About This Book!

This book gently draws you in. The author uses examples from her own experience to illustrate her points. Slowly the book unfolds. The author explains Nature and its crucial role in our lives. She explains about Fate and how ‘as we so, we reap.

This is the perfect book for these challenging times. Very useful to anyone- but especially those trying to make sense of their lives. Reading it is a two-way process- not only does the author put her reflections on the issues but also leaves space at the end of each chapter for readers to note their reflections.

Lieutenant Bookman

I found this book a very pertinent read in the quest for bringing order into one’s life. It strikes me as a peer-support book, in which Shelah cleverly danced on a delicate balance of her own real life’s experiences, on the one hand, and the knowledge of the sages, on the other hand.

This made the book quite intriguing and compelling, whilst providing a fundamental understanding that our life’s ultimate goals can only be achieved through harmony and connection with others, with Nature and a deep spiritual understanding.

The book is more than just a read, read, read. The layout of the book allows for practical application and adaptability into one’s life. Every chapter provides a Personal Reflection Time to reflect on what’s been read and to develop an action plan.

Des Pratt

As someone who has seen countless guides to helping others on their path. Sara’s
A Conversation With the Sages brings a beautifully written piece with an amazing feel of Love and Care for each individual reading it. The book has value beyond what one may expect from mere pages. I highly recommend this most special work to all individuals as it is a much-needed guide and reminder for deep inner growth and the answer to our Global improvement.

Kim Kapes

This book is a must-read, an absolute recommendation for anyone who seeks to leave a blissful life, understand the purpose of this existence we call life, and its tenets.
The writer comes across as one who has had a practical experience of the toils of life, her summaries, or to put it in her terms, “Sara’s Reflection”, exhibits a desire to share from her experience, and attempts to give solutions to life predicaments. I think this would be invaluable to readers, especially in these times.
The book is well presented and grammatically composed, also very easy to read. I will be keeping an eye out for her future books.

Solomon Boakye

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Once again, happy reading and I look forward to meeting you soon.


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 Sara Ahavah (aka Dr Shelah Harris)

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