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Authentic Kabbalah For Everyone Who Desires To Learn The Hidden Wisdom For Spiritual Advancement

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  • This course is taught by authentic Kabbalah teachers with over forty years experiences between them.  I met them eleven years ago when I was introduced to  the wisdom of  Kabbalah.
  • The course is delivered online with periodic broadcasts on our PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY where you will access all sixteen lessons immediately.
  • After completing the  course, you will have the opportunity to advance to a higher level with support where you will begin to practice the teachings.

Fundamental Kabbalah is a paradigm shifting course that:

  • opens the ancient secret of Kabbalistic teaching,
  • gives you access to tools and rules you can master to live a more fulfilling life

Kabbalah explains that there is the world we see through our five senses and a much larger realm beyond our five senses that is concealed until we master the Kabbalistic tools of unity, connection and unconditional love towards our fellow mankind.

This world beyond our material existence is the spiritual realm with its own rules and order which Kabbalah unlocks.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains the spiritual  laws of the universe in order to improve and enhance our life experiences in this world.

Kabbalah is the power, the structure, and the root of all things. Kabbalah reveals how things happen, and more importantly, why things happen. If you are looking for more out of life, Kabbalah is your first step to achieving it.

Embark on your spiritual journey to unlock:

  • How to shift from victim mentality into a higher consciousness (victor mentality)
  • How to enhance the quality of your relationships with family, friends, work colleagues. Work colleagues and your neighbours.
  • How to connect with spiritual prosperity and abundance and improve your physical reality on earth.
  • How to stabilise your emotional life and be in unity with Nature’s plan
  • How to transform feelings of hopelessness into empowering actions through the power of positive attitude and thoughts
  • Practical daily tools to fuel physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing- prayer, gratitude, forgiveness, mental cleansing
  • How to manifest your potential and reveal your soul’s purpose.
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Sample Of Lesson One

Sample Of Lesson Two

What others are saying about the course

Toni Kosinec is a great teacher. I enjoyed his presentation so much. Simple and logical. Looking forward to hearing other teachings.


I have  studied  lesson one. It’s surprising to see the difference between what  I thought  Kabbalah was and what  it actually is.

Tomano LyonsStudent
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No, anyone can study Kabbalah; Christians, Muslims, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism, and so forth.

No, anyone can study Kabbalah. It is true that it is commonly studied and practice amongst the jews, but that is not because others are excluded.  This course will take you through the history of why the wisdom was hidden from the masses. There are many people of different faiths studying Kabbalah.

Don’t worry, we have  the transcript of the  course in PDF  which we will email to you .

A desire to learn and  discipline to  invest the time to learn.

All you need is an open heart and willingness to learn. No prior knowledge of spirituality is needed.

As stated before, the study of Kabbalah does not require you to ditch your religious  practices or beliefs.

No recommended books are required but we will provide you with names of authentic books should you wish to further your learning.

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