My Story

I have always considered myself lucky to be among the few ones who are blessed with good health.

Until the doctor told me something that’d forever change my life ten years ago.

Here I was, sitting down in my doctor’s office and being told one of the scariest words no woman wanted to hear.

“My womb would have to be removed if I wanted to live.”

Hearing those words was a total shock to my senses. I got destabilized, totally helpless, and lost!

With tears flowing down my face, I couldn’t help but wonder how I got myself into this mess. And what I did to deserve this cruel fate from life.

As if my suffering weren’t bad enough, I now had to deal with being unable to have kids in the future.

I just couldn’t bear the thought of what removing my womb meant to my future self and me.

On getting home, I did the only thing a scared adult with no one to run to for help and guidance will do when in trouble.

I wept and prayed to God for help.

That very day, I MADE UP MY MIND TO CHANGE. I knew I had to change my ways and approach to things if I wanted God on my side to help me fight this battle.

And get a shot at healing this sickness.

Starting from my relationship with people and doing away with negative emotions.

During this stage of self-rediscovery and trying to move closer to God, I couldn’t help but notice how far away I was from the spirit realm. It’s no wonder why my life was so miserable and overwhelmed with anger, fear, confusion, insecurity, and resentment. And why I couldn’t find happiness.

Unleashing the divine woman…

For the next ten years, I began a new journey in my life using a holistic approach to heal my spirit, emotions, mental, and physical body. I learned the power of prayer, the power of forgiveness, the power of surrender, the power of gratitude, the power of love, joy, and happiness, the power of the environment and the power of faith.

Then healing began to emerge slowly.

Suffice to say; I was healed completely. And I’ve never felt this loved, grateful and happy in my entire life.

Let me help you break free today and teach you the tools I used to save my life.

I’ve been there. I know how potent and powerful the fear of the unknown, and doubt kept me trapped in bondage. How I kept resorting to bad habits as a form of coping mechanism to deal with life.

Until I broke free.

If you have suffered emotional trauma, abuse, setbacks, frustration in your career or dreams, emotional challenges, and more, I want to help you heal.

Let me help you break free today and teach you the tools I used

I want to help you avoid the generational traps that we often fall into, banish your limiting beliefs, regain your confidence, and create a life full of happiness.

I will show you tools you can master to free yourself from the shackles of the past so that you can show up in the world with power, courage, and clarity.

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