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Clear Thinking Mind Meditation

We are not the survival of the fittest. We are the survival of the nurtured.” — Louis Cozolino We…

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Be Grateful Meditation

The compassion that arises from mindful awareness can heal our inner wounds, interpersonal conflict and the suffering in our…

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How To Overcome Obstacles – The miraculous end of homelessness

Overcoming  Obstacles  –  The miraculous  end of   homelessness Miracles happen when we align with the law, and that law is the love of others as we love ourselves. The words

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How To Overcome Obstacles – Spiritual Tools For Doubts and Fears

How To Overcome  Obstacles  – Spiritual  Tools For  Doubts  If you have experienced disappointment and loss, you will know how important it is to learn the art of overcoming obstacles.

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How To Avoid Obstacles Using Faith – G-D’s Mind In Action

How To Overcome  Obstacles  In Faith- God’s Mind In Action  Our biggest challenge is to rise above the ego’s five senses, the mind we were born and developed with. The

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