How To Become More Spiritual: A Step By Step Guide — Dr Shelah Harris

How To Become More Spiritual: A Step By Step Guide — Dr Shelah Harris

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How To Become More Spiritual: A Step By Step Guide

Being religious is not spiritual. This is one of the myths I had to unlearn. Equally, spirituality is about the quality of your consciousness and its alignment with divine consciousness. By your fruits, we will know you—a great sage shared with us- therefore, no one can fake spirituality.

Many people think of spirituality as religious, but the truth is, every one of us, religious or not, has a spiritual part to our being. That spiritual part is dormant or active in us depending on whether we are spiritually awakened to our connection with the Creator, which is a divine plan for our lives.

Connecting with your divine purpose to reveal your spirituality has many health and wellness benefits and will guide you in living a more wholesome life. For the best part of our lives, we are governed by the ego at the expense of our divine soul—that part of our consciousness that yearns to connect in love and kindness with others.

What does it mean to be spiritual, and Why does it matter?

Well, let’s explore what it means not to be spiritual. Not to be spiritual is to disconnect from the Creator’s quality of unconditional love; with that, one lives squarely on one’s feelings of self-love. One has no importance in divine connection, living exclusively for materiality—food, sex, house, money, knowledge, honour, respect, self-actualisation, and more.

There are many different perspectives regarding what it means to be spiritual. |In my writings, I take the perspective of the ancient wisdom known as the Kabbalah. A spiritual person will have a strong sense of connection to the divine force that creates the universe and governs it.    When one is not connected to this force, they may have achieved many things in life, but have felt a calling towards delving deeper into who they are and becoming something more than the person that society has taught them to be. Kabbalah teaches us that spirituality is a constant striving to change one’s quality from  egoism into  altruism. This means  one is taking the path of becoming    similar  like the Creator through an inner change.

Spiritual people tend to be more grounded, which allows them to better cope with stress, maintain more positive relationships, and generally be more compassionate. Becoming spiritual is about finding inner peace, living intentionally, and being more conscious of the world around you.

Whether you desire more meaning and purpose, feel a call to reconnection with the divine, or would like to make better, more aligned choices, developing a spiritual practice will boost your life in many positive ways.

Here are some of the ways to become more spiritual

Practice stillness- there is a scripture to support this

Be still and know that I am G-d. With so much external noise in our lives, it can be challenging to tune into our own stillness within. Make space for quiet time, without devices and external stimuli, to help you connect with your deepest parts and bring more calm and inner peace. In the stillness, we can often find the answers to our soul searching questions. It is in still you can get to know yourself. It is equally important to maintain an open mind. One who has a closed mind cannot learn and, with that, will remain stuck.

Be present

Spend time in Nature and meditate on sacred teachings. Letting go of thoughts of the past and future can bring you into the present. The uncontrolled mind wanders off in all different directions, and it is the source of many woes. Learn to practice presence.

Practice self-acceptance and surrender.

Surrender to Nature’s divine plan. This is easier said than done, and  for that, prayers are needed for help  to let go and let G-d be. As you practice surrender and self acceptance  you learn to accept the present state and its opportunity to surrender it to rise higher towards love and kindness to all. Keep a gratitude journal as you journey forward and stay in contact with people who are  in  the same spiritual path as you.

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Embracing challenges as an opportunity for transformation and progress is the norm of life and is purpose-driven. Resisting challenges is a sure sign of living in suffering and pain.

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Author: Sara Ahavah