How does one know they lack faith? The Purpose Of Life  Revealed -By  Dr Shelah Harris

How does one know they lack faith? The Purpose Of Life Revealed -By Dr Shelah Harris

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How does one know they lack faith?  The Purpose Of Life By Dr Shelah Harris

How does one know that he lacks Faith? One must reach the state where they feel, believe, and know that all around them is the Creator andTHE EYES SEE‘. What does this mean? Let’s explore the purpose of life further and how to achieve it.

Without Faith, it is impossible to please the Creator, and without Faith, one has no fear of the Creator and is in a state of unconsciousness. Equally, without the fear of the Creator, one has no Faith. One does not respect what they do not honour or value or are unaware of.

What is the purpose of life  and  how to achieve it?

The Sages have told us that the purpose of life is to transform into the quality of the Creator doing good to others. All our desires should be directed away from ourselves and towards doing good to others. In spite of this sublime goal, we are created with a malfunction that blocks us from feeling the desire to do good to others, and our own salvation depends on doing good. The force of Faith is the force of connection with the Creator and its Creation, and only by having Faith can we begin to rise spiritually and liberate our souls from the imprisonment of the ego.

Blessings come through altruistic actions not  selfish actions

One who cannot do good to others without receiving something in return is unconscious of the exaltedness and existence of the Creator, as well as the purpose of life. Whilst in this state of unconsciousness, one cannot operate in Faith. The force that gives us the power to suppress our evil inclination and selfishness with the ill result of disconnection from others and the Creator is Faith.

One who can do good to others without expectation of benefits has a consciousness of the Creator’s existence and exaltedness as well as the purpose of life. In reality, it is through suffering that we normally awaken from the state of unconsciousness to begin liberating into our soul’s mission, vision and purpose.

The purpose of life is to do good to others. And through  our goodness we draw more blessings into our world for everyone and everything. The opposite of love is hate. Hate stops prosperity and blessings. Therefore we must learn to love to raise consciousness of the Creator.

A letter from the sages

”It is known that the purpose of creation is to do good to His creations. It is impossible to be rewarded with the goal before one corrects oneself with the quality of equivalence, called the quality of Hesed. Afterward, he will be rewarded with the goal, calledtruth,and then the trueness of His Providence is apparent—that it is in the manner of good and doing good.

We see that the verse says,What does the Lord your God ask of you? Only to fear Me.In other words, a person must be rewarded with fear of heaven. This is the only thing that one should try to merit, as it is written,but fear.This is calledthe quality of faith,where one must believe in the Creator, as our sages said,The eye sees, the ear hears, and all Your deeds are written in the book.’

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Embracing challenges as an opportunity for transformation and progress is the norm of life and is purpose-driven. Resisting challenges is a sure sign of living in suffering and pain.

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Sarainnerhealing overcoming-obs-212x300 How does one know they lack faith? The Purpose Of Life  Revealed -By  Dr Shelah Harris

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Author: Sara Ahavah