Therapy Journal -Heal Unforgiveness, Improve Emotional and Mental Wellness


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Therapy Journal -Heal Unforgiveness, Improve Emotional and Mental Wellness & Grow

If you are struggling with resentment, anger, disappointment, hatred, betrayal, distrust and frustration, this journal is for you. If you want to move on and let go of the past but struggle to do so, this journal is for you.

This forgiveness therapy journal offers you the tools to uncover your divine purpose, the reasons you are mentally, spiritually, and emotionally stuck with a past event, and the tools to break free into the priceless gift of harmony, love, peace, and happiness to achieve your higher purpose.

Spiritual forgiveness connects us to our higher consciousness. This journal takes you through your inner conflict, showing you how to balance resistance to forgiveness with the sublime quality of unconditional love. The end game is for you to attain spiritual and emotional healing, mastering a positive attitude to avoid the downside of a negative mentality.

As part of your journaling:

  • You will learn powerful inspirational quotes from the wisdom of sages.
  • You will learn to master seeing the positive in every event and be empathic.
  • You will strengthen your spiritual muscles and shift your paradigm.

You are welcome to sign up for our free resources to learn more about forgiveness and its benefits.

This journal supports some of the rituals described in the book ‘A Conversation With The Sages’.

To learn about forgiveness therapy  watch  my Youtube Videos  here

Author: Sara Ahavah


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