The Ultimate Gratitude Journal For Divine Connection


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This gratitude journal offers you the tools to uncover your divine essence, uplift your soul, transmute negative mindset, inspire a positive attitude and catapult your spiritual growth.


There are many gratitude journals, but this is different; it offers the user a deep understanding of gratitude’s spiritual, emotional and psychological benefits. It helps you understand the root of negative attitude and their downside impacts on our lives.

It takes you through inspirational quotes from wisdom of our sages to master seeing the positive in every event. It gives you the inner strength to shift your paradigm, heal emotionally and mentally and parachute you into a higher vibration of consciousness. You are welcome to sign up for our free course to learn more about the subject of gratitude and its benefits.


You can also join free live talks and webinars. This journal supports some of the rituals described in the book ‘A Conversation With The Sages’.


Gratitude is very powerful and must be practised daily.


Author: Sara Ahavah


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