Psalms For Healing – When You Are Sick and Feeling Weak- Digital Download


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Psalms for healing are a collection of psalms that you can use when you are sick or feeling weak.

About Psalms For Healing- Learn about the power of Psalms

The Book of Psalms provides a special, heart-felt program that connects us to the general force of love found in nature. It stirs up our insides and illuminates us with the light of the upper force that acts directly against the evil inclination.

About King David

King David was a great Kabbalist. “King” means serving everyone, bringing everyone to connection. His wars symbolize our work to connect with one another above rejection and hatred. He represents a force that attracts us upward, one step at a time, until the climax of connection, love, and ultimate redemption.


Psalms  As A Prayer Book

Lets  explore the  book of Psalms as  a prayer book.

A general overview of the Book of Psalms is that it can be viewed as the worship and prayer book of the Bible. It is composed by different authors over a long period of time, and includes songs and prayers collected and used by the nation of Israel in worship. This collection was eventually included in the official Hebrew Scriptures (i.e. Old Testament).


About This Product

This is a digital downloadable book  containing a collection of psalms for healing.  You are getting psalms  in  English and Hebrew.  The author shows you have to  us the psalms , sharing her personal experiences with them.  The Hebrew language is a spiritual technology for  the elevation of the human soul. Within the Psalms are codes that  are  directly connected to the divine names of G-d.


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