A Conversation With The Sages – Spiritual Healing For Women- Spiritual Healing For Women: You can heal your heart and improve your financial wellbeing



A Conversation With The Sages – Spiritual Healing For Women

Spiritual healing for women is part of ‘A Conversation With The Sages’ series. Sisters, if you are stressed out and desperate to regain control of your life after a major set back, this little book holds a secret to liberate you. If you are stuck in anger and resentment and experiencing with financial difficulties it is time to learn how to let go.Never underestimate the power of smallness. There is no fluff or fillers in this book. It gets to the core points quickly so that you can access tool to let go of negative emotional states. I want to ensure you learn that financial wellbeing is at stake with resentment and anger so read on.

This short book is not a get-rich-quick scheme resource. Forget it if you are looking for gold dust devoid of the reality of life’s journey. It is a resource for sober-minded people who are looking for spiritual solutions to resolve financial difficulties. It is a tool that will awaken a person to deal with issues that often block supply to meet our physical needs.

Everything shared is based on the author’s experiences and observations over four decades. The tools were used to overcome financial difficulties at a time she was beset with a relationship breakdown causing significant resentment.

Every one of us will need to learn how to deal with negative forces. They can only be eradicated sustainably when we pray and ask for divine intervention.

We often battle difficulties in our finances, ignorant that our heart’s condition is the cause of the block. If our heart is full of hate, resentment and hurt, we are blocked from receiving the supply of life’s goodness. We cannot work effectively or hold down good relationships, and these defects impact our income.

What you will learn:

In this book, you will learn about the author’s spiritual healing tools to recover from hurt and anger. These tools will teach you to understand that our supply comes from a connection with the divine. Every problem is an opportunity to rise in love and connect to the divine as the source of life. However, ignorance of the connection between the invisible forces and our physical relationships on this planet keeps us in conflict and disagreement. This blocks our abundance at all levels.

Learn the power of spiritual tools for unlocking pathways to success.

Learn how to create space within for love, and its benefits for life’s transformation and improvement.

Author: Sara Ahavah


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