Pre-Order A Conversation With The Sages – A Guide To Building Good Relationships


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We learn we can find our way to peace, harmony and happiness when we shift our paradigm internally to align with the power of love.

Sara’s conversations with the Sages began in 2014 after over two decades of struggles to find peace, harmony and happiness in a dead-end marriage. These conversations provided a new paradigm that transformed her perception of the world and kickstarted new habit patterns to break free from the old mindset.

In this book, you will learn

-The foundation for building good relationships and why they are often neglected at our peril.

-The powerful benefits of solid relationships and why they are essential in all sphere of our lives.

-The deadly mistakes that ruin and destroy relationships and how to avoid them.

-The importance of mindfulness and how to practice love and kindness to build good relationships.

-The role of forgiveness in relationships and how to liberate from strife, conflict and resentments.

This book will empower and inspire you to build and maintain good RELATIONSHIPS that will liberate you from dysfunctional mental patterns holding you bound in a trap of negativity as well as guide you towards the path of happiness, success and peace.


Author: Sara Ahavah


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