Wisdom Speaks -How I see determines who I am in consciousness.

Wisdom Speaks -How I see determines who I am in consciousness.

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Wisdom Speaks -How I see determines who I am in consciousness.

 Kindness, honesty and empathy are products of love; Deception, dishonesty and hate are the ego’s products that seek for oneself and no one else. Destructive criticism of all types can never be justified as they are products of the ego, whereas words of encouragement and support are products of love. We often mistake that our actions are devoid of our spiritual condition, which shows we do not understand our true identity. Our identity is consciousness; we are a spirit under the rulership of our ego or love for ourselves and others. If one wants to know their spiritual condition, they only need to check how they feel about life and others. They only need to check their intention and actions. Everyone should do their self-assessment. If one lacks the capacity for self-discipline, they will be caught spending the rest of their lives under the rulership of their ego.


 Everything in our world has its root. We love the good fruits of warmth, kindness, empathy, honesty and trust we see in human character; we detest the opposite. However, we rarely spend time sowing the seeds that will help us reap the good fruits of life. We want the fruits but not the process of getting them. This is scary and crazy but yet it is the reality of the human race. 


 The qualities we admire in others are the products of the seeds sown. Every one of us is given seeds everyday. What we do with the seeds are our responsibility, and we will be held accountable. The seeds are thoughts, which we can transmute into love or hate. Most of the times, the seeds come in a negative form. Ignorant of our spiritual work, we accept the negative seeds and act on them without further work. I call this spiritual laziness or ignorance. We either do not know we can convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts or simply treat our responsibilities with an indifference- at our peril. The inevitable penalty of our ignorance is a state of perpetual misery, and there appears to be no way out. 


Because we are so unconscious about our inner world we allow our negative seed to blossom negative qualities and blame others for the unwanted consequences of our own making. I did so, until I attain my spiritual awakening and many of you, I dare say, are doing so.  Until one understands everything they see reflects who they are, and it is up to them to change what they see, life will continue to unfold in a similar form as their ancestors. There is no mistake about this.


Nothing will change until we change our inner thoughts to match the qualities of kindness. One cannot hold thoughts of hates, selfishness and distrust of others and act kindly. It is not possible. The quality of our thoughts drives the feelings (emotions) and actions. Our failure to control the very machinery of our life keeps us away from achieving our life purpose. It drives us away

from achieving the goal of happiness and success- all because we often neglect to spend time examining our inner world.


Ironically, we spend more time reacting to the consequences of the bad qualities we harvest and expect them to change through others we often blame. Blaming then becomes our weapon, which keeps us firmly in our dilemma since Nature will not allow us to move forward until we learn the lesson. 


The Solution 

As soon as we think bad of others, we distrust them, and we judge them harshly. This is the work of the ego. Under the ego, no one is good enough, and we are the god of the world. The solution is simple. Do the opposite of what your default ego program paints. Forget the faces of the people that you are experiencing as negative. Just do it; then wait, and you will notice something different happens- you will start seeing differently. What you thought was the problem would shift. You will learn to see through the lens of love, and with that, take one step forward to changing your perception of life. 


The shift internally from hate to love, distrust to trust, lack to abundance, insecurity to security is all that one needs to do. However, the challenge is this; the ego stands in the way, and through the power of prayer, it can shift. 

Author: Sara Ahavah