Emotions are your key to unlocking your wealth

Emotions are your key to unlocking your wealth

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A wise teacher whispered this to my ears.

This shocked me as I had been led to believe hard work was all I needed to be successful and wealthy. Emotions are the feeling tone that brings a man in unity or disunity with others and no one can be wealthy without connection with others.. If we feel good about others we gravitate to them and conversely, we distance ourselves from those we dislike. To be a success in life, one must be able to maintain good relationships with others and this requires gaining their trust. In saying this, you owe it to yourself to master your mind to be in a state of love and kindness most of the time in order to guarantee your inner wealth is not put at risk. This is because wealth must be created in the inside to manifest in the outer.

So when my wise teacher whispered this truth to my ears- I stepped back and took stock of my life. I discovered that most of the time I was in distress and anxious- the perfect foundation for unhappiness. I had to do three things to fix this.

Step 1- Find out about myself. I discovered that I am an EGO with a desire to win at all times and at the expense of others. After being aware of this, I have to learn to restrict the use of my EGO. When I feel the urge to go crazy with my growing desires, I now question it and find ways to transmute it into good for others.

Step 2- Become a member of a mastermind (a group of likeminded friends) whose sole aim is to learn how to be in the state of joy and wholeness. The environment we are can make or break a person. Therefore be careful.

Step 3- Learn to pray for others that I feel offended me. This was the surest way to get me into a state of compassion. For as long as I stop harsh judgments my emotional health skyrocketed. Now those so-called offenders are my friends as I simply need to pray for them.

Author: Sara Ahavah