End Suffering Now – Change your perspective

End Suffering Now – Change your perspective

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Wisdom for the soul- When you change the way you SEE things, the things you see around you change. Try looking at all the things in your life that you have been dissatisfied with and practice seeing them differently from a higher consciousness.

You will see how quickly things change.

Some years back I was very resentful over an event in which a person I unwittingly trusted squandered my funds. I remembered the ranting and all sorts of emotional turmoil I suffered then.

I practice seeing this event differently. Firstly, looking back at the event, I realised that it would not have been possible for my money to be abused if Ihad the experience and skillset to risk assess investment opportunities in an objective manner. My greed would not have been exposed if I did not encounter this event. The event was a life saver as the undeveloped aspects of my life were exposed and looking at the events again, I will say it was a game changer. It led me into a new world where I learnt alot about the importance of due diligence.

You see everything from the inner eyes which is wired up to your perspective. If your perspective is whole you see correctly and vice versa. As soon as you change the way you see things the things around you change.

Author: Sara Ahavah