How To  Overcome  Obstacles – Spiritual  Tools For Doubts and Fears

How To Overcome Obstacles – Spiritual Tools For Doubts and Fears

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How To Overcome  Obstacles  – Spiritual  Tools For  Doubts 

If you have experienced disappointment and loss, you will know how important it is to learn the art of overcoming obstacles. Obstacles are blockers that prevent us from reaching our goals. They stand between us and our desired states, yet we often do not see them coming against us before the attack. It is no wonder that we usually feel cheated and resentful when we experience setbacks in the form of obstacles.

The bigger the goal, the more painful the experience of obstacles in the path. The more money or time we invest in an activity, the more painful it is if the goal we aspire to fails. However, whether we like it or not, obstacles will occur. They come to teach us something about ourselves.


Nature’s law of love operates 247, and if we are unaware of it, we act unconsciously against the law. Our aspirations for success are pursued with the law of love out of sight, and obstacles are messengers to correct our actions to align with Nature. Therefore, when faced with obstacles, we must calibrate our inner thoughts, feelings and actions towards higher consciousness, which is Nature’s agenda. We must silence the voice that drips us with negative, doubtful thoughts and increase the voice that instils positivity and confidence.

Spiritually, prayer should be the first point of contact to anchor oneself and shift to a higher consciousness. Specific psalms can be used to overcome the challenges depending on the particular circumstance. For instance, if you are experiencing negative repeated thoughts, the best psalms to start with are 29 and 31. Psalm 23 is another go-to psalm that can raise you quickly to ensure your mind and emotions are drowned with powerful spiritual force against doubt and fears. Our thoughts are not the same as the Creator’s; therefore, the first healing is in alignment with the higher mind. It is not enough to pray once and move on. Prayer should be constant. Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your understanding. Otherwise, frustration will set in, followed by resentment.


Another remedy I often use is the Bach Flower remedy- specifically White Chestnut to stop repeated negative thoughts. This remedy can act on the emotional body to stop repeated negative thoughts within six weeks and eight weeks of consistent use. You can find it hereSarainnerhealing White-Chestnut-242x300 How To  Overcome  Obstacles - Spiritual  Tools For Doubts and Fears

There are other tools, but they will be mentioned in other articles.

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Never doubt the power of the Creator and the sages. After my divorce, I had to start again. I had many fears and doubts to overcome. However, with prayers and practical actions such as bach flower remedies, my confidence was restored. With that I am grateful for my healing and I hope you will overcome doubts and fears.

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Author: Sara Ahavah