PRAYER – The tool to overcome a feeling of psychic attack

PRAYER – The tool to overcome a feeling of psychic attack

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Pray for your enemies. Never stop praying. Nature rewards those who pray for others, who think the best of others, who appreciate others, who are selfless and want the best of others. Nature tests us with difficult situations in our EGO and if we are not disciplined to remember that we are bigger than our EGOs when we connect above it, we will forget all the great gifts nature has bestowed on us through others and much more.

I was feeling overwhelmed by all sorts when I finally remembered that there are so many gifts that I can be grateful for. Well, I remembered my dear son Michael showering me with gifts of flowers and dinner at a very expensive restaurant in 2014 when all hell let loose I suddenly realized I have much more to be happy for than to be sad for. I realized that no matter what, my work on earth is to pray for my enemies.

Enemies are perceive as people in physical forms but in reality they are forces that take hold of our minds and thoughts which we then feel as stress, anxiety, resentment and frustration. Strangely enough, there is one medicine I know for sure that will drive Enemies away very fast – Prayers. Pray for your enemies and dissolve the force that you see as an attack. Praying for others work.

The next is GRATITUDE for all the blessings that you have enjoyed without any payment. Start by thanking this great universe for the air you breath, the water you drink, the sun you enjoy, the food you cooked and ate, the clothes you wore that many admired you and gave you lots of complement, the feet that carry you around, the eyes that help you see others and the hair that cover your skin and keep you warm and much more. Give GRATITUDE for everything and even for those things that you desire that are not yet manifested physically.

As soon as you start PRAYING for others as well as give GRATITUDE the FORCES THAT WERE IN YOUR MIND AS ENEMIES START RUNNING AS THEY CANNOT STAND PRAYERS OR GRATITUDE. Your sense of purpose on earth returns and you are no longer under the shadow or the darkness you were experiencing.

YOU are bigger than any challenge that you may have experienced. YOU are bigger when you join forces with your HIGHER SELF that can LOVE relentlessly, PRAY dynamically and give GRATITUDE energetically.

Pray without ceasing and never give up praying. Praying is a medicine for the soul. Give it to others bountifully. This photo represents the act of kindness to me. I will cherish it always.

Author: Sara Ahavah