Spiritual Awakening – A wake up call for personal reflection

Spiritual Awakening – A wake up call for personal reflection

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One thing is certain; we will face many challenges, and we will have to resolve them correctly if we are to live in peace, harmony, love and joy. Those who seek to escape challenges using artificial desensitize approaches will ultimately discover they are prolonging their spiritual awakening, which comes with many pitfalls. They will find themselves walking into a more profound spiritual slumber of unconsciousness until nature knocks even harder at the door of their heart to speed up the natural growth process. What seems like a problem to us is often a gift of life, but how many times do we get it wrong. Does this sound familiar? It is time for you to reflect.

Problems are an unrecognized wake-up call for spiritual growth and development often ignored at our peril. We never detect the signs as a spiritual awakening; our ego is too busy sending the wrong signals, leaving us feeling inadequate and hurtful. One thing is certain; our negative emotions are the tricksters that cloud the spiritual awakening. Deep down in our heart, the ego has clouded our spiritual senses. We do not know who we are, and we limit our identity to the physical body.

The ego’s dominance is akin to a sleeping drug. So versatile and efficient, we forget who we are and the purpose of our life. We are so stuck with the feelings and images portrayed by the experiences we label as problems; we miss the opportunity for spiritual transformation for higher consciousness.

It will take years into protracted suffering and turmoil before a small percentage of the human race begins to hear the little voice calling for a change. When we do, we will search for answers in different places and, in time, find them.

Problems are never as we perceive them. Seen through the lens of our spiritual identity, they are the opportunity to step up our game from a lower consciousness. We are given the gift to rise into higher consciousness, but we often prefer the familiar old mind that creates the experience we detest.

As a spirit being in the world of matter, we need to remember our mission is to invert darkness into light through consciousness. Our soul’s mission is to transcend the ego’s rule over our mentality, reactions, beliefs and actions. Its purpose is to bring us back to the state of consciousness where all things are one and duality ends. Hence, when we find ourselves in situations that seem dire, it is a higher-order to bring us to the point of asking a single question ‘What is the purpose of my life?’ Our perception is not similar to that of our spiritual identity. This, too, is the reason why we miss the opportunity.

Everyone must attain life purpose through the guidance of a higher force we call the Creator. Without the support from this invisible force, our search for life’s meaning will be a long, drawn-out journey. We may not always see the complete picture whilst under the ego’s rule, but with time, as we surrender to the higher-order, we develop an inner capacity to perceive a new reality.

Without a desire to pursue the spiritual path, we delay our transformation for our soul’s purpose and delay the spiritual correction for higher consciousness.

I hope this article ignites a new awakening impulse within your heart to kick start the spiritual transformation your life journey demands


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Author: Sara Ahavah