Spiritual Coaching and Counselling:  Do You Need  A  Spiritual Coach, Advisor or Guide?

Spiritual Coaching and Counselling:  Do You Need  A  Spiritual Coach, Advisor or Guide?

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Spiritual Coaching and Counselling:  Do You Need  A  Spiritual Coach, Advisor or Guide?

When life begins to take a turn that we least anticipated growing up, we often do not know where to turn. We often do not realise that this is normal because the reality of the human experience is that we have a soul mission and are meant to conquer our ego one step at a time to reach our spiritual destiny. We often downplay or do not factor in our spiritual development agenda, and this is where rediscovering your true identity begins.

Suppose you are not yet experiencing challenges;  you are in your honeymoon period, and it is only a matter of time. In that case, you will soon begin to experience events that are unsavoury and in contrast with your aspirations and dreams. 

What should one do when life leads us through a crossroads, and we feel like we don’t know where to turn for guidance, having exhausted all the possible avenues?  Spiritual counselling can offer you support in finding more clarity.  The trouble is most people make the mistake of confusing spiritual counselling with religious counselling.    Listen,  spirituality and religion are not the same, and I will explain the difference and share clear perspectives.

 Whether you’re looking for ways to address the challenges you are experiencing or want to explore your life purpose more deeply, spiritual counselling will holistically guide you toward who you truly are. Spiritual counselling helped me greatly navigate my darkest moment, which would have been a severe crisis with significant well-being challenges. 

In this blog, we’ll discover:

  • What spiritual counselling is
  • The difference between spirituality and religion
  • Working with a spiritual advisor, coach or guide can help you live more in alignment with who you are.

What is spiritual coaching and counselling?

Your spiritual health is an essential part of your well-being. It is often neglected at the peril of the person who does so.  How we think, feel and react matters. Two individuals can experience a similar event but come out of it with a different outcome.  One may experience trauma and devastation that set their life towards a downward spiral, whilst another bounced back quickly and higher.   This is how powerful spiritual coaching is.  Everything we say, think, do and feel is linked to our spirit, which can be adversarial or opportunist.   A person’s state of mind is dependent on their spirit – their thoughts, feelings and actions. 

Success is not dependent exclusively on academics; otherwise, everyone will be successful simply by mastering a specific academic.   Success depends on our spiritual attitude to life’s events. You can read more about this in A Conversation With The Sages – Learning the Path to Love, happiness and Success.Sarainnerhealing Print-ready-Book-cover-purple-front-cover-200x300 Spiritual Coaching and Counselling:  Do You Need  A  Spiritual Coach, Advisor or Guide?

Spiritual counselling is similar to traditional counselling but focuses on the wholeness and integration of a person’s spiritual beliefs and values to balance their various life aspects. Spiritual counselling is an important healing modality that guides you toward finding a connection to something greater than yourself.

The central focus of this coaching or counselling is strengthening a person’s connection with their soul.

What happens in a spiritual counselling session?

The work of a spiritual guide, coach or counsellor is centred on your spiritual development and growth. It encompasses a commitment to your spiritual journey with a core focus on aligning your consciousness with the higher purpose of your life.  All too often, our lives operate at the lower consciousness of lack and limitations, undermining the abundance of living we seek. With that, we are stuck and trapped in relationships that do not serve us – whether romantic or not.

Your spiritual counsellor, guide, or coach will support you on your unique path, holding space for you to build your own unique relationship with spirituality while offering spiritual guidance. 

Spiritual advisors/Coaching /Guide can support you with

  • Exploring your relationship with God- Creator, Nature, Universe – whatever you are comfortable to call this force that governs the cosmos.
  • Explore any spiritual or religious beliefs that you hold and those that may be limiting you.
  • Building greater awareness of a higher power.

Whether your current viewpoint is centred around religious or spiritual beliefs, the holistic nature of the sessions means that each one is tailored to your own specific needs, with space for you to explore anything that feels true for you. You will also learn about ancient wisdom that have helped many overcome challenges  successfully  which you may have not explored in your situations. So lets  look at what  the difference between spirituality and  religion is.

Spirituality vs. religion 

Spirituality is universal and religiously blind in that it is not about your belief but rather your connection with the higher force that governs the cosmos we live in.  It is predicated on the universal law of love and kindness above all else.  It focuses on transforming the human spirit, otherwise called the soul.

Religion, on the other hand, refers to a set of ingrained beliefs people follow to discover their truth. It does interchange with spirituality, but they are different concepts.

Benefits of spiritual counseling and spiritual coaching

  • Discovery of your values and purpose
  • Deeper insight and clarity when it comes to your life
  • Improved mental health
  • A higher ability to cope with stress
  • Increased trust in ourselves and the world around us
  • Relief from any suffering you are experiencing
  • Access to a variety of spiritual tools and rituals
  • Access to a community of people you will interact with daily
  • Access to 247 live stream – prayers

Supporting you with your spirituality

Everyone’s journey is different. If you want to find out more about this book in a  15-minute  consultation today, there is a limited slot available.

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Embracing challenges as an opportunity for transformation and progress is the norm of life and is purpose-driven. Resisting challenges is a sure sign of living in suffering and pain.

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Author: Sara Ahavah