Spirituality For Beginners – Where we are challenged the most represent the area for spiritual healing

Spirituality For Beginners – Where we are challenged the most represent the area for spiritual healing

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Spirituality For Beginners – Where we are challenged the most represent the area for spiritual healing

Until we know who we are, we will not understand why we are suffering. I remembered a conversation with an elderly work colleague over twenty years back. I was working at Amnesty International Secretariat as their accountant at the time. He was a troubled man; life has dealt him so many blows, and one day he opened his heart to me.

He wanted to know what life was all about. I can see myself laughing out now- what a joke? This man was older than me and ought to be wiser than me, yet was seeking guidance from me. If only I knew what I discovered two decades later, my response to him would have certainly been different. I dished him a lot of trivial treats in what I knew about life. Whether he digested them, I do not know. Perhaps our path will cross again- who knows. At the time he asked me for answers to his life predicament, I was struggling big time in my relationships but successful in my career and finances. So I guess I looked successful on the outside, which made me a suitable coach for the world. Many times we fall for the exterior looks ignoring the interior. We do not understand that the outer can be cloaked with all sorts and disguise the inner spiritual wars that we are battling ……read on. Every one of us will find an area or more that challenges us big time. Where we are challenged the most represent the area for spiritual healing.

Our identity is linked to our SOUL’s consciousness; however, since our arrival on planet earth, we have mastered the ego’s language, thoughts, and habit pattern and forget our true identity. We have exchanged our heavenly citizenship for earthly ones and with that live under the rulership of our ego. We have been so immersed under the influence of SELF LOVE; we do not recognise we are foreigners in a strange consciousness that will cause us sufferings until we learn the truth about who we are.

Before I began my conversations with the Sages, I had no idea that everything I do was self-centred and selfish (ego-centric). I was driven by my ambition to be the best in my career, earn lots of money, perfect home, family and security as the earthly world define them. I saw myself as an independent woman whom no one can conquer. Yes- this is the ego right there driving the steering of my life, but I thought God was the driver. Many of us would find the ego drives our lives, but we are unconscious of this reality. I had many public non-executive appointments -paid and unpaid and no lack of attention in a thriving career of all types. If anyone had told me my life is meaningless without the quality of LOVE that governs our world, I would have told them to get off my face. But reality check ten years or more down the line shows they would have been right. The subject of love is rarely nurtured in our society, and yet it is the most needed assets for our stability, growth and success. One wonders why such an important quality has been left to our own devices. Perhaps this is part of the secret of life.

For as long as we think, feel, act and speak badly about others and events in our lives, it is a clear indicator of a spiritual condition in need of healing. You may say it is just human to do these things. Yes, but being human doing these things create sufferings, and we do not enjoy suffering. No one wants to be in hell, but some actions lead to the destiny of hell (suffering). I will unravel this in another article. We cannot continue to unconsciously and absolved from the consequences. Nature’s law is clear- we reap what we sow.

One who sees bad in others or events in their lives is spiritually out of balance. Let me explain why; the reason is simple; one can only judge based on their inner consciousness. It is as if the inner eyes are inward-directed and project a person’s spiritual state. Therefore, every word spoken or action taken are reflections of one’s spiritual condition. These were the words that hunted me as I pondered on them after my conversations with the Sages. As hard as they were, it took me a decade to understand that the Sages were right.

If one begins to observe their inner thoughts and feelings, their actions and reactions, they will recognise how far they are from love for others. For instance, I remembered how I began to become a scientist of my inner world. I was astonished to find my automatic mental patterns demonstrating destructive perceptions of others like an autopilot machine. This machine will project the worst of others and paint images that are far from kindness, love, and compassion. I will act in line with my uncontrolled thoughts and feelings and then manifest unwanted results. It was scary but sobering. Why was I thinking and reacting this way? I asked many times. I got my answer one morning in a silent whisper – that is the state of your consciousness. That is the ego. That is the spiritual defect that must be healed. Until you heal and recover from the ego, you will always experience suffering.

Spiritual healing is the cure for our negative attitude. It is an alignment of one’s consciousness to one’s divine identity. Without spiritual healing, one will take actions that disconnect them from others in a hostile manner and demonstrate incapacity for loving others like themselves.


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Author: Sara Ahavah