Spirituality For Beginners – Through The Lens Of The Sages

Spirituality For Beginners – Through The Lens Of The Sages

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Spirituality For Beginners – Through The Lens Of The Sages 

Left on our own, without the higher power intervention, we will self-destruct each other. Our natural tendency is to seek the best outcomes for ourselves and those we care about -usually a small family circle. We will create hell on earth and, with that, live a miserable life.

Acid Test – How do you know you are moving towards spirituality?

Here is the deal, whenever we recognise that selfishness, self-centredness and disrespect for others are destructive forces operating in us, we are one step towards spirituality.

The recognition of the state of evil is the start of healing the sickness in human consciousness. No one can seek help for a condition they do not perceive as a problem. Self-awareness is a powerful asset that can bring us to a higher state of consciousness and change our reality for the better.

Spirituality is the surrendering of the selfish human mind to the higher reasoning that works to benefit the entire system we call Nature. Think of it this way- whenever you restrict selfish thoughts and feelings towards others and chose to do good instead- you are taking a spiritual action.

Spirituality changes our Nature. It helps pull us out of the sufferings and chaos caused by our selfishness. It brings order to our lives, and with that comes success, love, joy and peace. This is the salvation in our education that we desperately need. The sooner, the better.

Reality check; until we take steps to understand our inner Nature and identify the source of our problems, we can not escape their consequences. No matter how much we gloss the outer, the inner must be corrected for sustainable peace, harmony and good life.  

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Author: Sara Ahavah