Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles: At Work,  At Home  and Life Generally

Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles: At Work, At Home and Life Generally

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Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles:

What are we here for, and why are we challenged? In my book -A  Conversation with the Sages series-   I shared what I learnt from the Sages.  We are here to transform our minds from ego consciousness to love consciousness. We are here to create perpetual joy,  peace and harmony for the entire human race over the feelings of hate, disharmony and sadness. 

These fundamental life principles should always frame one’s mind to reach a higher consciousness faster and overcome challenges.  The experiences we encounter may be harrowing, but we should see them as events for spiritual correction, and we are simply the vessel through which they are being corrected.  

Practical  Example:

Imagine someone at your office puts you down, and you feel angry, frustrated and unsupported.   Your negative emotions signal that you are more concerned about your  pride and desire to be respected, which is normal.  However, the event is much more severe than your pride and need for self-respect.   Slandering or intimidating others affects the person perpetrating the behaviour and all those in their network. The person acting badly may be unaware of the impacts of their behaviour and need help to change their  attitude. But how you respond is another revelation.  If you respond in hate,  you and the  so called offender must heal the spirit no matter how  justified you may think  your response is. 

Shifting toward a higher consciousness will immediately free you from the suffering of negative emotions and restore a good  mental and emotional wellbeing. To shift gear,  you must dissociate from the negative feelings and thoughts around the event  and embrace a new thought of giving something good to the individuals involved in misconduct. This is not easy, but with practice, you can begin to master it.

When you shift above the negative emotions and become empathic and compassionate, you immediately feel joyful and pass on a good model to others.  Such is the power of shifting towards a higher consciousness.



1. Consult with the  almighty  daily in prayers

No matter how big or small a challenge is, never cease asking the higher power for clarity and direction. All too often, we think we know the entire manuscript of life, which, of course, is far from reality. Prayer should be the foundation for starting to understand how to handle the challenge. If we fail to pray and ask for help, we plan to fail to resolve the issues.

Significant challenges can often feel overwhelming, leading to a sense of helplessness. By asking for help, we open the pathway to wisdom to begin to understand the obstacles holistically and allow the divine light to transform the situation internally and externally, taking appropriate actions one step at a time. There are special psalms  for special situations and    special  spiritual tools you can call upon  to   strengthen your prayer life. Sarainnerhealing ai-generated-mockup-of-a-hardcover-book-surrounded-by-flowers-m38097-1-200x300 Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles: At Work,  At Home  and Life Generally

2.  Be prepared to  take actions that are unfamiliar

It is well known that the solutions to our challenges can come from sources we never envisage, and to that end, the universe is smarter than us.  All too often, I have discovered that if I fail to act when  I am led to do so because it makes no sense for me to do so, I delay overcoming the challenges.  Nature knows everything, and we must constantly trust its guidance.  If we disrespect its guidance, our solution to a challenge will allude to us. The bigger the challenge, the more dependent we are on spiritual guidance for correct actions. Our five senses are too limiting to resolve challenges we have never encountered.  One who relies on the five senses to resolve challenges will be frustrated as they are insufficient and unreliable.

3. Take action as you are divinely led

Problem-solving skills are invaluable when confronting adversity. Rather than dwelling on the problem itself, focus on finding solutions. This involves analyzing the situation, brainstorming alternatives, and choosing the most viable option. These skills empower us to tackle challenges head-on and remain proactive in adversity. However, it is also important you  seek spiritual guidance.  How you response matters.


4.  Keep your mind  free from negative thoughts

Our thoughts have a profound impact on our emotions and actions. Reframing negative thoughts involves challenging and altering pessimistic perceptions.  To learn more about  powerful tools to do so check our  resources from   our shop  CLICK HERE  Sarainnerhealing Women-Mindful-Journal-Book-Cover-JPEG-188x300 Strategies for Overcoming Obstacles: At Work,  At Home  and Life Generally


Embracing challenges as an opportunity for transformation and progress is the norm of life and is purpose-driven. Resisting challenges is a sure sign of living in suffering and pain.

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Author: Sara Ahavah