The Law Of Attraction – does it work or not?

The Law Of Attraction – does it work or not?

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First things first- YOU never get what you want in life. YOU get what you are. YOU cannot HARVEST what you did not SOW. Let no one deceive you that the law of attraction works on a bunch of affirmation statements that depend on qualities you have not yet attained. I was fooled many years back but now I know better. My teacher openly told me that if I have disruptive students in my lectures it is because I attracted them that why they are there. This got me thinking. He is right.

I began studying metaphysics in 2009 and can remember all too well what I learned from so many of the books I was reading. Many of them stressed the importance of affirming what you want as though it has already been achieved. I remembered reciting many of my affirmations and nothing much happened.
For the best part, I gave them up and will return back to them for a few weeks. I could not figure out why it was not working. What I experienced was far from what I affirmed. I knew something was wrong and began questioning the efficacy of what I was learning. I could not figure out what was wrong then. tt took me a while to dig deeper. I know better now. After spending years learning the law of LOVE and what divine LOVE means, I understand the problematic issue at work. Why did my affirmations fail?

For as long as I did not have the qualities needed to attract the things I was affirming, nature will not deliver my wishes.The law of nature is everlasting and unchanging.

Here is the secret; instead of getting what I wanted, nature sent me the gift of life to show me what qualities I need to develop inorder to attract what I wanted. Nature is always speaking and serving our highest good.

As soon as I attained the qualities needed for some of the things I affirmed, it was easy for me to manifest them. So now you know. Nature works for the highest good of all. If you want to be successful in a particular field of work, you must first attain the qualities before manifesting the end goal.

We attract who we are not what we want to become. We reap what we sow. A great spiritual law.

Author: Sara Ahavah