The Power Of Positive Thinking For Healing 

The Power Of Positive Thinking For Healing 

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The Power Of Positive Thinking For Healing 

 The power of positive thinking for healing is a paradigm shift. It transforms and catapults spiritual growth. I remembered so well when I hit the lowest ebb of my life. It was indeed the dark night of the soul. Everything I knew to do was failing big time. Have you ever been in that space before?


Our minds are like magnets. They take the forms of the quality of thoughts. I wish we can be mindful of the thoughts we entertain. Every thought creates a world we must experience. The degree to which we are conscious determines our attitude. Unconsciousness comes with a price tag. It is costly to the general well being of all aspects of our lives. Trust me; I know this. It took nearly two decades of my life to internalise what I am about to share. I wish for you that you will gain the best from this gem.


For the best part of my life, I have been very blessed with good health. I rarely saw the doctors except for minor matters. I did not realise that my positive mental attitude was a spiritual disinfectant. It cleans the inner mental house as well as strengthens the soul. It fuels the capacity for higher-level work – it is a wonder. The connection between my general wellbeing and my positivity drifted in 2010. As I began indulging in flawed thinking, my inner world took a different climate. I had many thoughts of mistakes made in my relationships. I regretted decisions made that were difficult to severe. This habit was the beginning of a severe ailment three years down the line. I held thoughts of hate and unforgiveness. Ignorant of the mental germs destructive force in the immune system.


Self- Awareness About The Power Of Positive Thinking Matters

We are very often not observant of our thought life. In reality, we should. It is a wonder how our neglect of love and harmony contributes to many of our sufferings—self-awareness of the power of positive thinking matters. By 2014, my health took a nosedive. I visited hospitals many times during the week. 


It was a strange time for me. The dark night of the soul was real. How was I to escape this darkness? I cried out for help many nights. One day the penny dropped. I heard a silent voice- ‘return to the days of peace’.


The voice kept repeating the same messages- ‘return to the days of love’. You cannot afford to neglect a positive outlook on life. Your mind needs to cultivate the habit of love. LOVE- what that has to do with my pain? I will wonder about the subject many times. Why do we feel a lack of love? If only I knew what love means- I will use it to resolve my issues. If only someone can teach me. There have been many nights my mind wander about the subject before I dropped off to sleep. Lord, please help me find a GURU who can teach me this subject well? I did not immediately get a response.



The opportunity arrived much sooner. In 2015, I made my first trip to Israel. A major spiritual conference was taking place in Tel Aviv-the theme of the conference is LOVE. I arrived at the airport late at night. I felt warmth. Whilst in Israel, I experienced LOVE as I have never seen or heard. I was with a spiritual family that know love. 


They washed me with LOVE. They had nothing but a positive mental attitude about life. I was so surprised by the effect of this experience, I returned to London, vowing to focus on LOVE. The journey was an inner struggle, but it is worth it.  


The Road To Bad Habit Again Before Positive Mental Thinking Healing Power Took Off

Changes do not take hold immediately after decisions are made. We must be patient. One night, something happened that brought home to me that positive mental thinking heals life. I began thinking negatively and within hours started feeling pain all over my body. 


That day I had strong leg cramps that left me immobile. I can make the connection between my thought life and the physical cramps. Thoughts are energy. They reside in a different part of the body. Nothing was needed other than a decision to heal my thoughts to change the misery. I began praying and give thanks for self-awareness. Gradually my mind returned to positivity.



This was the beginning of returning to wellness through a positive mental attitude. I learnt the pain of negativity the hard way. Every day, we can either poison our health with negativity or heal our life with a positive mindset. All our thoughts impact our wellness. If we do not master good thoughts, we will suffer the consequences.

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Author: Sara Ahavah