Treat Yourself With Respect  To Earn It

Treat Yourself With Respect To Earn It

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Wise Words- People never treat you better than you treat yourself. If you do not like how you are treated, change the way you treat yourself.

You can never give what you do not have. You always give what you are. If someone does not give you what you want, take this as a sign that they do not have it in them and cannot give you what they do not have.

If you want to be treated as a princess, start acting and think like a princess and the rest will be history. Only you can can change you. Take responsibility for every experience you encounter.

If you want love, give love. And love will come chasing you more than you imagined. If you want smiles give smiles. If you want abundance, learn to give it to others. We give what we have and we reap what we sow.

Finally, the universe does not respond to what you think. It response to how YOU FEEL about what happens. Pay special attention to YOUR FEELING. You always attract your vibrational match. Feeling is the key. When life gives you LEMONS, as bitter as it may be, learn to turn it into LEMONADES. If you respond with a feeling tone of positivity no matter what happens, you will attract the match of your feelings. Here lies the problems- we see something or experience an event and conclude it is bad, generate a feeling of unpleasantness and respond accordingly. Nature makes no room for mistakes. YOU must always align yourself with nature or suffer the consequences of disobedience. Manage your EMOTIONS. Manage your THOUGHTs. Manage YOUR EXPERIENCE. We REAP what we sow in THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS. No room for mistakes here.

Author: Sara Ahavah