How To  Overcome  Obstacles – The  miraculous  end of homelessness

How To Overcome Obstacles – The miraculous end of homelessness

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Overcoming  Obstacles  –  The miraculous  end of   homelessness

Miracles happen when we align with the law, and that law is the love of others as we love ourselves. The words we speak and the thoughts we believe can help or hinder our progress.

What we call obstacles, the Creator calls opportunities for divine gifts of a holy soul that can commune and unite with the Creator and all the inhabitants of his kingdom. What we call obstacles, the Creator calls an invitation for a divine partnership to transform evil into kindness—the evil we prayed asking for help to eradicate. Let’s explore how it works.

Our sages tell us that there is a force that governs the entire cosmos. The force is called the Creator, connecting everyone above all our egoistic inclinations. The quality of the Creator is unconditional love towards everyone, yet we operate in self-love. The force will intervene where our quality takes a similar form to the Creator’s, and we put love into action.

I remember so well when I began internalising my unpleasant experience against this wisdom; nothing prepared me for the dilemma I was to experience. First, I could not comprehend how my predicament could possibly be a divine gift when I was so much in pain. The people I trusted have betrayed me, yet I am told this is a gift to change reality for the positive.

Imagine experiencing the rough end of dishonesty that has landed you in a dispute over mortgage contracts that turn out to be fraudulent misrepresentations, and all the documents you need to take matters to the legal justice system successfully  to put things right have disappeared. You have nothing to prove your case, and your home is at risk. This was not an easy message to swallow that this was divine correction when all I could feel was a victim of scams by the bank and a trusted relationship.

I cried, yelled, fought back, prayed, and hated everyone but the situation was far from improving. Our sages tell us that we have eyes but cannot see, ears but  we cannot hear, and noses but cannot smell because our five senses are tied to a system of existence that is self-love. Everything I planned to get my way out of the mess failed. How on earth can this be a spiritual gift, I will say quietly. Then, one day, the penny dropped.

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Psal,ms for victory

I was reading the Book of Psalms (check out this Green Copy)  when I stumbled upon passages about the quality of mercy and compassion. As I reflected, I realised how much pain I have caused others and how I have often been forgiven for my short-sighted conduct. If I was forgiven, why can’t I forgive others? It was then that I recognised the value of the experience, and it was for me to come to the realisation that I am nothing like merciful or compassionate. I need to rise higher, but I resist doing so whenever I am offended.

Then, one day, it hit home: the Creator allows experiences of the type I have gone through for us to exhaust all our effort and recognise our limitations without his intervention. But still, in my corruption, I was praying for all those who put me through the bad experience as I labelled it  at the time, to be punished. Sure enough, I did not see them being punished. Rather, I was the one being punished with my hateful thoughts.

Then another revelation flashed in my mind- who supplied you with the money to buy the house that you are frustrated over? Who gave you the skills and the health to earn your living? Who provides you with the talents you use to work and earn income? In my humbleness, I immediately recognised that the battle was for me to change my attitude so that the Creator would take control of the event. Whilst I was fighting, yelling, and condemning the divine gifts could not be passed through me to bring peace. Healing an obstacle demands healing the offender and the person offended simultaneously. Sarainnerhealing Forgive-Therapy-Journal-Book-Cover-JPEG-1-188x300 How To  Overcome  Obstacles - The  miraculous  end of homelessness

The bank demanded full payment of their mortgage to cover up their wrong, and with that, I handed over the key. What was I left with- NOTHING? We cannot have a good relationship with the Creator when we have SOMETHING to depend on. We cannot have a good relationship when we are SOMETHING and feel independent of the Creator.

Left with NOTHING, I began to pour my heart into prayers using Psalms. I prayed for the gift of mercy and compassion to heal my heart from the pain of hate. I have only the Creator, who is the source of my life and the life of everyone and everything. While I depended on my intelligence, money, relationships and knowledge, the Creator had little importance. Now you know the Creator only works where space is created for him as the singular force of love. I prayed for the power to forgive my enemies so that I could stop the pain, and Psalms became even more important. As I read the Psalms, they became the prayers for the correction of my soul and the soul of humanity.

The Miracle Of This Correction

The obstacles have birthed something new. I started praying for my enemies, and this is a spiritual gift of love and kindness. If one must be kind and loving, one must be put in a situation where one is poorly treated and still loves unkind people. It is easy to love those who love us. Love thy enemies is difficult, and only the Creator can give the power to love unconditionally and become merciful. With more mercy, our faith heightens, and we agree that all our supply comes from the Creator. I found a beautiful apartment four weeks after I handed the key to the bank. I felt peace like I had never felt before, and finally, the bank accepted they had acted wrongly and sought ways to bring matters to resolution.

Aside prayers I used other  remedies- check this out through my affiliate link.

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There are other tools, but they will be mentioned in other articles.

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Never doubt the power of the Creator and the sages. I had many fears and doubts to overcome. However, with prayers and practical actions such as bach flower remedies, my confidence was restored. With that I am grateful for my healing and I hope you will overcome doubts and fears.


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Author: Sara Ahavah