How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals

How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs and Achieve Your Goals

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Confidence- how to overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs.

 Confidence is a positive force that boosts inspiration and empowers us for success. Those who lack faith in the power of Nature are enriched with self-doubt and mental confusion.

The ultimate belief that we must embrace to inspire confidence is this- the universe governs us through the principle of love. Therefore, we must banish all thoughts in opposition to love. It is these thoughts that create conflict and shatter confidence. We must learn how to overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs to succeed confidently.

 Limiting Beliefs Are Killers Of Our Confidence

Limiting beliefs are killers of our confidence. Imagine stepping into a lift to reach the seventh floor of a skyscraper building. As you stepped into the lift, you heard thoughts of poor safety maintenance flooding your mind. Many people have been stuck in lifts for hours and felt suffocated. You can end up in trauma and all sorts. Would these thoughts inspire confidence in your action to use the lift? Of course not.

Equally, the thought would need to be examined for truth and reasonableness. It might be there are genuine reasons not to use the lift, and your decision is valid. But what if your decision was based on stories relating to other lifts. Are you now justified in projecting the experiences elsewhere?

Many times, we allow our persisting limiting beliefs to derail our confidence. They stop us from taking action to make progress and create failure experiences. Limiting thoughts and beliefs are dis-empowering. For as long as we are operating life believing in evil and disharmony, we will oppose confidence. We do so when we disconnect from others, treating them as enemies. Nature does not support this position. Hence, we will experience doubts and fear because we do not love indiscriminately.

We must work with others to achieve our life purpose and goals. Our proficiency in any field will not take us far if we do not master kindness towards others. One who understands these principles will rarely suffer a lack of confidence. The reason is simple- for as long as we do not consistently operate life in love and kindness for others, we will experience doubt and low confidence.

Your Connection To Source Of Life & Confidence

Your connection to  the source of life brings you to a state of confidence. It is a state beyond your present mindset. You feel connected and feel safe in the knowledge that all is well. It is beyond your intellectual abilities.

Building your confidence begins with accepting the importance of transcending to higher consciousness. It is important to know that the higher consciousness is love for others, love for everyone and everything. When you love, you have access to knowledge that will guide you confidently. Love connects you to everyone. Therefore the opposite has to be true. When you hate, you block access to knowledge to support your course.

Our intellectual abilities do not singularly govern our life. Spiritual principles are just as important as your technical know-how. All of this means one must change their natural disposition to wage war against others.

How to overcome lack of confidence

Begin by returning to the state of truth about your true identity. You are a spirit being mastering human experiences. Your identity should be clear in your mind to avoid chasing the wrong race.

Your confidence lies in your connection with the higher universal intelligence – Creator/ Nature. Everything you need to travel this journey of life is available for you.

You do not need to imitate others. Seek guidance from the higher power, and you will be free from false identification with forms.

When you know your true identity and purpose in life, you will focus more on the internal transformation of your life than the external events. You will learn to pray and be grateful always as you master skills to do your work effectively. You will put everything in balance and reframe from setting a pilgrimage of success that is not in the interest of everyone.

Begin by mastering the language of the universe –love, compassion and kindness. This is your powerhouse for confidence.  When you care about love, you will be busy loving than checking your wins from activities. You will know better to take responsibility for every assignment sent your way as a gift of love. It is hard to feel a lack of confidence when one is busy supporting others.

Everyone can learn a skill needed to improve performance in any area of life. First, you must be aware of what you need to know. After that, you must be prepared to learn. Aligning yourself with source of life gives you the added advantage to learn in the confidence that the activity is part of your personal growth and transformation.


Finally, let me leave you with this. Think big and act big even when you do not see the complete picture. You are part of the system that:

  • Knows everything. You need to surrender to the system in love and kindness towards others. Do not act in line with what you see but rather in line with the end goal. This is where we fail most time. We live by sight instead of FAITH. FAITH is acting above the mind’s eyes. It is the state of mind that transcends our intellect. We must trust everything will turn out right and be confident about this.
  • Quiet the mind’s doubting, disharmonious and conflicting messages. It would help if you worked towards unity and harmony to regain the source of confidence. When the mind negates the importance of love, failure is inevitable. Learn to de-stress using meditation, self-care modalities, prayers and stillness. 
  •  Defeat your negative self-talk and beliefs. Break the habit of past negative mind self. They represent the hurdles of life. If you fall for them, your self-confidence will take a steady nose-dive. Get help with this using resources we offer. When building your confidence, stay away from an unsupportive environment.

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Author: Sara Ahavah