A Conversation With The Sages – LOVE GIVES – Breaking The Bond With The Ego



A Conversation With The Sages – LOVE GIVES – Breaking The Bond With The Ego

Do not confuse LOVE with LUST. Do not make the mistake that I LOVE YOU is understood by the person who said it. Do not belittle the subject of LOVE and how little we know about its essence, its power and why we are always seeking it. Do not neglect the importance of LOVE to solve any human problem when you know its true nature and how to access, harness and unleash it. LOVE is the purpose of our life. Everyday you wake up you are in a school to learn, develop and dish LOVE even if you are ignorant of this. Without LOVE it is impossible to survive in this world. Learn the truth about LOVE and become the wise sage in all your affairs.

Your power to succeed lies in your power to LOVE and vice versa yet very little is known about LOVE. LOVE holds the key to your dilemmas of life. Do not confuse LOVE with LUST. For the most part, many of us may think we LOVE but this book will challenge that statement.. This book will reveal the interior of your heart so that you will learn how near or far you are from LOVE.

If you have been struggling to overcome hurts, resentment, anger, unforgiveness, frustration and disappointment due to relationship breakdown, childhood abandonment, loss of your loved ones, betrayal, an unhappy marriage and repeated cycle of unhappiness in life generally, this book is for you. It is packed with wisdom to challenge your thinking, change your mindset and unleash your power through the force of LOVE.

This book offers you an uncommon conversation with the sages on how to build true love in your inner consciousness to overcome emotional obstacles. The book takes you through the inner contents of your mindset, helping you uncover habitual patterns that block the path that leads to happiness, joy and good relationships. You will always call upon this book alongside others by the time you read it and take the exercises seriously. CHANGE begins when we understand who we are, why we were created, what is the purpose of life and how to achieve the single goal of life – LOVE.

By the end of the book you will learn how to:
-Create happiness in your relationships independent of life’s events.
-Take back the key to your happiness from past traumatic events and live a purpose driven life
-Develop the master key of true love and create healthy relationships
-Use the power of love to dissolve unhappiness and supercharge your confidence and self -esteem
Break the bond with your ego and live a balanced life with healthy relationships.

This book is the curriculum that was missed out in your studies in school. Now you have it all in a short read. After reading it, you will take another year or more to test out the exercises and uncover the world within and how it plays out without. LOVE is the missing link in all our dilemmas. UNLEASH YOUR POWER to create happiness.

What you will learn:

In this book, you will learn about the author’s spiritual healing tools to recover from hurt and anger. These tools will teach you to understand that our supply comes from a connection with the divine. Every problem is an opportunity to rise in love and connect to the divine as the source of life. However, ignorance of the connection between the invisible forces and our physical relationships on this planet keeps us in conflict and disagreement. This blocks our abundance at all levels.

Learn the power of spiritual tools for unlocking pathways to success.

Learn how to create space within for love, and its benefits for life’s transformation and improvement.

Author: Sara Ahavah


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