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Everyone should have a plan for their lives and with that check their behaviors against those required to achieve the plan.

Unfortunately, the lack of discipline in our lives is no accident. Without a plan, we plan to fail and with failure, we master how to fail until frustrations drive us hard enough to instigate changes in our behavior.

But what happens when we make the decision to change or recognize the need for change? We need guidance, we need solid guidance based on truth. Something that will lead us towards the good side of life.

Our  EGOs will always stand in the way of a significant change. We must never underestimate this. A change that will have a significant impact on our lives will always result in a need for a Magic Plan.

The curriculum is different from the past and with this bring with it the added demand for clear thinking and accountability.

In this audio, you will learn :


  •  Introduction and why this workbook
  • The top seven reasons why you must have a Magic Plan for your life.
  • Why you should check your behaviors against your plan regularly.
  • What should be included in your Magic Plan
  • The difference between a Magic Plan and a Personal Development Plan
  • Why a Magic Plan should be holistic
  • The advantage of being accountable for  your  plan
  • Being part of a mastermind to achieve your plan
  • Tools you will need to master to implement your Magic Plan
  • How I used this plan- some of the challenges and lessons learned
  • Spiritual  support to aid your plan


Author: Sara Ahavah


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