Discovering your life purpose

Discovering your life purpose

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Discovering your life purpose

Life is the journey you take daily. True, you may think life is about the activities we engage in. But life is far more than that. It is about uncovering our true identity. The identity that is so hidden from us that we are lost in this world.
Many years ago, a gentleman approached me. He was frustrated about life. He vented that life is a struggle. HeSarainnerhealing Pink-and-Gold-Instagram-Inspirational-Quote-Post-Template-1-300x300 Discovering your life purpose  wanted to know what he was doing on this planet. Don’t we all want to know the purpose of life- I said to him.

Study Nature – Your Life Purpose Is To Create  life for others

We, as people, grow up learning lots of academic subjects. We focus on sustaining our physical life. We desire to survive and enjoy at all at other’s expense. We rarely know who we are. We are so busy with our physical needs to ask how we can create harmony in our world in a sustainable manner. Except for a few, we spend little time studying nature to learn how to interact in our environment. This leads to many of the relationship, financial and health challenges we experience.
For as long as we do not understand nature, we will not discover our life purpose. Life is a giving force; it sustains the entire system of nature. It connects everything . This is the secret we must discover to understand life and its purpose.


What is our life purpose?

We are not on planet earth to discover our talents to pursue success. Life is more than that. Our skills and gifts areSarainnerhealing Pink-and-Gold-Instagram-Inspirational-Quote-Post-Template-300x300 Discovering your life purpose  essential s their applications. To use them for our benefits at the expense of others is a travesty. All creation has its purpose, each must use their abilities to uplift others.
Our attitude towards others creates significant asset or liability, depending on its quality. Very often, our ignorant leads us to destroy life for others. When we do so, we experience challenges to transform. However, nature is a system of law and order. Therefore, nature would always bring us back to balance- even if we resist it.


Life Challenges Are Spiritual Awakening

Every challenge experienced is to awaken the importance of a spiritual attitude. We feel discomfort to ignite the power within to create comfort for others. Transformation of the negative energy must take place to invoke a new perspective.
However, our inward focus leaves us complaining about events. We feel the pain of not receiving pleasure. We feel the pain of loss. We cry, complain and slander. We do so because we do not understand this is time for us to transform. We rarely feel the urge to create positive vibes for others. We do not know that these events help us discover our life purpose.
No matter what your career, you will experience life as pain or discomfort at some points. Everyone experiences life this way when the focus is inward. However, we create life when we focus outward and create happiness for others.



Your life purpose is not your career or talents. Everyone has a skill that they can nurture for a specific job. However, your life purpose is much bigger than that. It is discovered when you become centred and more attune with nature’s law of love. At this point, every action taken is to uplift others. So no matter your profession, discovering your life purpose aligns with your attitude to love others unconditionally.

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Author: Sara Ahavah