Forgiveness – The Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Benefits Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness – The Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Benefits Of Forgiveness

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Forgiveness – The spiritual, emotional and mental benefits

Everything begins with the thoughts. Everything that we see outside resides in the inner world of a person. If peace is not experienced within, then war will appear outside. The battle is spiritual and aims to invoke change and transformation of the inner thoughts, feelings and spirit into a state of love, compassion and kindness towards others.  Therefore,  forgiveness  is  not optional, it is mandatory.

Whenever we fail, it is a sure sign that something inside needs to heal to connect to the root of success. The source of success is the love of others unconditionally. To this end, everyone should look inside their desires to examine the real reason for the failure. The root of failure is the inability to think the best of others and to let go of mindset and habits of hate for others. 

The  benefits of  FORGIVENESS reveal

The secret to forgiveness is this: it is a medicine for the one who forgives. It changes the inner qualities of the forgiver to the state of love when done to reach the purpose of life, which is to love others as we love ourselves.

Therefore, to forgive to align to do good and unite with the source of success, one must let go of :

  • Thoughts, speech and actions that are foolish and create war with others
  • The mindset that is hateful of others and creates disharmony, disunity and disconnection.
  • Resentment, unforgiveness, slander of others, complaints, and blaming others.
  • Behaviours that do not serve others and me well and block success for all.
  • Hates of others that come in the form of cultural norms and habits  

In 2012, I hit rock bottom of my life.  I became broke in all areas of my life- relationships, emotional, mental and physical health, financial and spiritual.  It was then that I cried out for help.   There was no way  out. I have to forgive.  I have to forgive  because  my perception of life was totally flawed.

Here is my Forgiveness Affirmations to  break free from  false teachings, values and beliefs.  Yes,  one who wants to overcome their obstacles, must learn to align their lives  with the qualities of love.  Love therapy   is about letting go of  wrong thinking- habits that destroy our destiny.

FORGIVENESS- Spiritual Affirmations 

  • I am willing to die to my past to birth a new me.
  • I am willing to let go of evil thoughts that create war, suffering and disharmony with others. 
  • I am willing to embrace the LOVE of others irrespective of their colour, race, beliefs, age, or gender to bring peace and contentment to the Creator.
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  • I am willing to let go of the foolish environment that binds me to the past and blocks my destiny to connect with the Creator.
  • I am willing to burn the bridge behind me and return the key of my life to the Creator so that my divine soul rules my thoughts and actions.
  • I am willing to learn the ways of the Creator and be born again in the spirit.


There is always a window of opportunity for FAITH when we face challenges. There is no problem that the Creator cannot resolve, no matter how dire the situation is. The small window of possibilities is always there waiting for us. If we fail to use it, we choose sight over FAITH and deny ourselves and humanity access to spiritual intervention. Download a copy of  Overcoming Through Love Therapy and learn more. Click the image to  learn more.

Forgiveness in action demands a complete surrender to the will of the Creator to unify our will with the upper world. It is the bridge between our current world and the higher world ( the world of possibilities).

To learn more about love therapy, download a copy of OVERCOMING THROUGH LOVE THERAPY. Forgiveness is love in action. It is love and trust in the CreatorSarainnerhealing overcoming-obs-212x300 Forgiveness - The Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Benefits Of Forgiveness

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Author: Sara Ahavah