Heal Your Self Limiting Beliefs To Change Your Life

Heal Your Self Limiting Beliefs To Change Your Life

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Heal Your Self Limiting Beliefs To Change Your Life

Self-limiting beliefs are the bad thoughts and values we uphold as truth that sabotage our success in all areas of our lives. In reality, there are many versions of beliefs that the human species maintain. They very much depend on a person’s culture and upbringing. I dare say other factors inter-play in our belief patterns that we may never understand in our lifetime.Sarainnerhealing Beige-Aesthetic-Self-Healing-Inspirational-Instagram-Post-300x300 Heal Your Self Limiting Beliefs To Change Your Life

The bottom line is, any belief that does not lead us to our desired goal is limiting. Hence, all failures in life are rooted in our self-limiting inner beliefs that should be corrected.

Good thoughts v Bad Thoughts

Good thoughts are assets. Bad thoughts are liabilities. Very often, we do not take a look inward to examine what is going on. We do not know that our inner qualities are the driving forces of our experiences.  We must purify our thoughts to change our lives.  Thoughts are the seeds in the mind that drive our feelings and actions. They are the fuel that motivates or demotivates us.  When we plant the wrong seeds in mind, our life will head in the wrong trajectory.  No one is exempted; when we plant the correct seeds in our minds, our life blossoms.

How to spot self-limiting beliefs and reverse them

You can sport self-limiting beliefs and reverse them through mindful thinking.  First, let’s examine what empowering beliefs do for us before reviewing the prolific limiting beliefs that sabotage us.

Let’s look at how to spot them so that you can begin to take control of your life. Empowering beliefs are those that lead to harmony, love and good connection with others. For instance, the general belief that people are trustworthy and honest- is rare but empowering. This belief leads to respect for others and a good inter-relationship.

The contrast will be people are dishonest and untrustworthy, which is disempowering.  Such a  belief lends itself to destructive criticism of others. It takes the view that we should be on our guard as people can take what they do not deserve from us. Such a  belief creates frictions and conflicts due to the attitude of distrust- albeit unconscious.

Consequences of self-limiting belief  and healing toolsSarainnerhealing Light-Pink-Cream-and-Yellow-Organic-Watercolor-Health-and-Fitness-Logo--300x300 Heal Your Self Limiting Beliefs To Change Your Life

If we do not heal from this belief, and of course, we all have to be liberated from negative beliefs, we will never open our hearts to love others unconditionally. We will never attract and retain good relationships. Why? The answer is simple; a person can only experience the world based on the inner belief structure.

The entire system of creation outside the five senses is perfect. Our internal imperfection shapes the world we experience. This is why when we heal the limiting beliefs, we experience life differently. We can never attract good when we think of bad things in this world. We all need to heal to change the world from within to experience the desired perfection from without.

One of the tools we can use is a prayer for inner correction. We ask the divine to make us similar in quality, and with that, our thoughts and attitudes change. We become more aware of what we are thinking of others and ask for defective healing thinking that is harmful to others and ourselves.


The inner qualities of our beliefs drive our desires, actions and feelings. It drives the experiences we go through. When we heal defective thinking and beliefs, we heal our world experiences.

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Author: Sara Ahavah