How To Save Your Marriage –  A Guide From The Sages Wisdom

How To Save Your Marriage – A Guide From The Sages Wisdom

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How To Save Your Marriage

So your marriage is falling apart, and you want to throw the towel and quit!! THINK TWICE. You are not alone. Many couples find themselves in this predicament and sadly take the option of divorce, ignorant of the aftermath of their decision. There is something we do not know about life that complex relations come to teach us.

The grass is always greener on the other side because we do not want to confront the secret of overcoming challenges- CHANGE. Typically, we think there are better couples; why should we stick with the problems in our marriages from hell? This is the typical noise in the head of the person contemplating divorce.

These negative thoughts are all about me, never about the other or the children. These selfish thoughts do not consider the children who have to endure putting up with a stepmother and a stepfather after the event and  the aftermath is also the work of developing relations with  estranged step-siblings from another broken relationship. All of  these future relations are littered with natural bitterness and resentment from the past  with serious consequences. GET OUT OF YOURSELF AND SEE THE BIG PICTURE. We fantasize about the future without examining the little details.

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How To Save Your Marriage?


The trouble is we never ask the right question to get to the bottom of the issue with relationship breakdown. This single mistake is costing many marriages to fall apart and creating turbulence for children and society. With broken relationships come pressures in housing, finances and a whole host of distress that plague our health at all levels.
Divorce is never the first or second option. THINK TWICE, as many pitfalls await the one who takes this path. Ignorance of the law does not absolve you from the consequences. The emotional challenges are the hidden traps that no one sees quickly on all the parties involved. Don’t get me wrong- DIVORCE is the only option sometimes, but it is a decision that should always be taken with seriousness.

What is the single question we are failing to ask to stop the serial escalation of DIVORCE in our society? The answer to this is; WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE? And after that question is answered, WHY ARE RELATIONSHIPS NOT WORKING – and HOW TO MAKE THEM WORK? I discovered the answers to these questions after my nineteen years marriage breakup. I wished I had learnt these lessons before my marriage broke down.

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As a divorced child (my parent divorced when I was just under three years old), having healthy self-esteem was never easy. This is a typical side effect; the decision to divorce impacts the children and sometimes the parent due to the shame and lack of stability, support or security. Even when money is not an issue, emotions are affected badly.

Worse though, if you are in an environment where relationship breakdown is the norm, a sure sign that you are growing up in a community lacking the wisdom of good connection and relationship, you are more likely to struggle in relationships as you advance. It is a no-brainer- you have no inner model for good relationships and can only give what you have. This presents a severe future generational problem; the situation will worsen without the wisdom of good connections for healthy relationships to halt the trajectory.

The constant battle between divorced parents is a legacy no one who loves their kids will bequeath them. Right, there is a hidden truth – we are often unaware of what true LOVE is and its power to reverse our challenges. Some divorced parents have learnt how to manage their children to the best effect after the divorce. However, they are few parents who successfully do so; and your emotional intelligence may need to be on par with these people.

Why You Should  Think Twice Before Divorcing

Divorce comes with a new package for your life trajectory. Before you sign up for it, try out the Sages Wisdom Guidance on the root of the problems and how to overcome them. The Sages tell us that we perish because of a lack of understanding. Moreover, we must never take decisions that will hurt others in the confidence that we will create happiness for ourselves by doing so- Nature somehow does not entertain this approach.

A Conversation With The Sages led me to understand that LOVE is the purpose of life, and without LOVE, it is impossible to build good relationships. No matter where we land, relationships are our entire life’s fabric. We can never escape it. First, people must know where they are in their LOVE CHALLENGE which is our spiritual curriculum and then work their way upward to improve themselves and their relationships.


We often need to be more knowledgeable about what LOVE IS. This is why the struggle in our relationships exists. Divorce does not resolve the issue. We will only learn the lessons of the relationship struggles and move upward once we hear the message within the battle.LEARN MORE

This EBOOK is part of the series A CONVERSATION WITH THE SAGES – LOVE GIVES. Please read it, learn from it and save your marriage. Divorce comes with a lifelong challenge and should never be the first option.

All relationship challenges are opportunities to go deeper into this single question – WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF LIFE? Until the spirit is healed, marriage will be challenged. Divorce is a sign that one or both parties need help understanding their LIFE PURPOSE AND HOW TO LOVE PURELY, BREAKING THE BOND WITH THE EGO. Running off to another relationship rarely solves the problem. Divorce should be the last option after you have worked on mastering true LOVE.

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Author: Sara Ahavah