Love Your Neighbour As You Love Yourself

Love Your Neighbour As You Love Yourself

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 Love your neighbour as you love yourself is the spiritual principle for our transformation. At its core, it teaches how to unleash our power through unity and connection. It draws attention to the importance of Love, the very fabric of nature’s integral system.

Not surprising the foundation of spirituality is built on this principle. Let’s explore what Love is to understand better.Sarainnerhealing Copy-of-Red-and-Pink-Bold-Love-Typography-T-Shirt-300x251 Love Your Neighbour As You Love Yourself

What is Love?

Love is the highest vibration in our world. Love is a force that connects two opposite views. Whenever we experience conflict, there is no love. Love helps us reach unity and wholeness. Harmony is the fruit of Love.
Our natural disposition is to reject others. We do so when we judge them . Two forces operate in nature. The opposing force is the ego. Love is a positive force that balances our ego.

Our soul connection with Love

Love is our natural soul’s root. It is for this reason we seek it fervently. We must give Love to increase Love. Here lies the problem- we want to receive Love at the expense of others. We expect Love more than we are willing to give Love. It is this attitude that creates an imbalance in our energy field. It makes us feel negative emotions of lack. It detaches us from the life force of Love.
A person must learn to give Love more than expects Love.

Sarainnerhealing Handwritten-Wedding-Valentines-Day-Love-Quote-Instagram-Story-169x300 Love Your Neighbour As You Love Yourself  Nature and Love your neighbour as you love yourself

  • Nature is an integral system that governs us. If you study nature, you will find everything is interconnected. Everything is harmonious- giving and receiving simultaneously. There is nothing in nature that is without value. We, humans, are the species that seem out of balance. Our spiritual work is to align with nature.
  •  We resist harmony, unity and connection, the very fabric of success. Our concepts of life divide and label people to create separation. We have managed to separate ourselves by nationality, class and languages. We do so at our peril and work against the force of nature.
  •  Nature is Love, and we are opposite of Love. Try focusing your attention on making others happy. You will find out how your mind directs your attention to your needs and desires. Observe yourself for long; you will hear how you judge others negatively. As we act in manners that disconnect us, we experience turmoil and chaos to bring us in balance. These are few keys to unlock our self-awareness.
  •  Love your neighbour as you love yourself reminds us of our interconnection. It directs us towards the goal of Love to unlock our divine power. It shows us the master key to enter the kingdom of heaven- in biblical speak.


Until we master love your neighbour as yourself, we will not achieve peace. These qualities are essential for our emotional, mental and physical health. Spiritual correction plays a vital part in our development. Hence, we must master Love daily.


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Author: Sara Ahavah