Spiritual Growth -A Conversation With The Sages- Taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success

Spiritual Growth -A Conversation With The Sages- Taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success

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Spiritual Growth -A Conversation With The Sages- Taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success

 Spiritual growth -A conversation with the sages – taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success was born out of desperation to find a solution to life-challenging events.

 Are you trying to make sense of life, solving personal challenges after a series of significant setbacks and heartaches? If you are anything like me, you may have attempted many personal development tools, read motivational and inspirational books, attended copious courses, but constantly falling back off track!!  

 Our Spiritual Journey & Map Must Unfold For Our Whole Person Development                                                                          Sarainnerhealing BUN-2-226x300 Spiritual Growth -A Conversation With The Sages- Taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success

 My spiritual journey  story is no different to millions of women and men out there. Our life must develop at two levels, but sadly, only one is known, and the other is hidden. Perhaps right now, as you read this, you are going through personal turbulence. You are desperately looking for unconventional no-nonsense guidance to bring harmony and balance to your life. Hmmm…… that rings a bell with me. Does it with you?

What Is The Problem?

The problem isn’t that we are destined for unhappiness, failure and misfortune; No!! Instead, it would help to learn that life is much more than we feel in our current emotional state. Most of us were not taught the secret of life and how to unlock the treasure power of unconditional love, happiness and success. We are clueless about our spiritual road-map to ascend from physical identity to our perfect state in our spiritual identity.

Our Spiritual Identity

Our spiritual identity is the quality of love and connection, whereas our physical identity is separation and self-centredness. Here lies the dilemma, until a map to transcend the familiar physical world is known and understood, we will respond to events as positive or negative depending on how we feel in our consciousness.

 Physical Growth V Spiritual Growth – What is happening to us

 Okay, we all know that a baby needs to be fed material food from the day of their birth. We also know nourishing food is critical for a child’s health and physical growth. We were all a child before growing into adulthood. Our physical existence is linked to the forces that govern the different levels of existence – minerals, plants, and animals in the world- those we love and hate together.

But here is the question, do we ever ask, what is the force that governs the minerals, plants and animal kingdom that provide our food chain. Of course, the answer to this will vary widely. We take it for granted the food will be provided by Nature with our cooperation. We also know that access to the final product will be based on our contributions to the general system. But do we ever think about the quality of our contribution and the impact on the general production chain? I guess not- at least in most cases for me.

 Nature Suppliers & Governs Through The Law Of Love

 Spiritual growth, as explained through the book ‘A conversation with the sages – taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success uncover human development that must take place for spiritual alignment with Nature. Neglecting the importance of growth at both levels – physical and spiritual deteriorate the quality of our experience on the planet. Love is the principle that we must live by daily. Love for others as we love ourselves should shape our value system. Until it does, we lack unity with Nature.                                    Sarainnerhealing Copy-of-Red-and-Pink-Bold-Love-Typography-T-Shirt-300x251 Spiritual Growth -A Conversation With The Sages- Taking the path that leads to love, happiness and success

  Let’s Take A Tour Into Our Education – what is the primary focus?

 Would you mind taking a quick tour of our education with me? Most of our curriculum is centred around building material successes using psychological and material tools and techniques. The approach is natural. It is Nature at the dimension of our physical world- nothing is wrong with this. We train our material minds to serve us, earning income from jobs and businesses. However, there is another mind that governs our world; the spiritual mind. This is a mind that seeks for all and know nothing of discrimination, hate, injustice or poverty. This is a pure mind, and we are connected to it from the root of our soul.

 When we seek love, happiness and success violating the laws of Nature, we will inevitably be met with challenges down the line. Nature is an integral system that is governed by the force of love. Nature upholds love and harmony for everyone. Violating the laws almost certainly invites a reaction to brings balance and harmony; in return, we experience life as negative.  

 The solution? We are to master love, kindness, empathy and compassion. These are the qualities of the governing system we call Nature, God, Creator or Universe. Sages and many sacred texts have revealed this principle of ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself’ to humanity for millennia. But very few select people understand the practical application of this wisdom.

The essence of spiritual growth- A Conversation With The Sages

Spiritual growth – A conversation with the sages   begins – a person who wants to change their life must change their spiritual structure to value love, justice, harmony and peace. Upgrading our mentality to develop sensitivity for love and connection with others, similar to the quality of Nature ( God, or the Universe ), automatically restructures the emotional state to joy, peace and harmony. But there is a challenge to make this happen. This book uncovers some of the challenges.

 We are not naturally predisposed to loving others as we love ourselves. I was shocked to find out how much time I spent thinking about myself and my needs- often without any thoughts for others. The root of this self-absorption is in our inherent internal mental structure. We are wired up to think mainly about our self-interest. Nature, on the other hand, is wired up to think about everyone. The force that controls our inner world is the ego. It is negative in Nature and anti-love in quality. Can you begin to see the root of what we call a personal crisis in our lives? It is as though the forces operating the world are clashing, and it is for us to bring them in balance.

 Spiritual Growth & Love For Others

 Love is a force of connection above all adverse events, but the ego is a force of disconnection and governs humanity most of the time. Life challenges are Nature’s attempt to resurrect the spiritual self from the dead. This operation to heal the spirit is uncomfortable to the mind that resists love and connection to others. Love is a force. We must give others more love, happiness, and justice to receive more joy, love, and justice. This is the purpose of life!!! Everyone will have to pass this exam to move to the next phase of their development.

 Until we learn the purpose of life and awaken our spiritual identity, we will experience prolonged suffering. This is what this book uncovers. It is a wisdom that helped me heal quickly, and I hope it will do the same for you. It helped me forgive what I can’t forget. Mastering the purpose of life will lead towards the goal of love, happiness and success. This is the message from all the sages, present and past. The wisdom, when applied, brings lasting happiness, harmony and love. 

 Now, I won’t promise that the Sages Wisdom is a “magic pill.” But it changed my life, and I will explain why it should be called upon to support your personal development.

Most of our conventional methods of resolving challenges to our physical identity. However, the spiritual pathway should not be neglected. Sadly, it is often not called upon because it requires a radical inner transformation of the mind, and it is not a quick magic pill. It requires:

  •  A willingness to invest time to learn Nature’s laws of love and harmony.
  •  A willingness to acknowledge how close or distant one’s qualities are from love; and the consequences if one does not change.
  •  A willingness to improve the spiritual self and take upon new values that seek for others and self equally.


 Are You Ready To Listen to The Seven Answers To Life Challenges Through The Lens Of Sages?

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  Note: Although you’ll learn a bit about getting rid of bad habits, that’s not the purpose of this book. This book is for developing spiritual habits that last a lifetime and lead you to love, harmony and success.


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Author: Sara Ahavah