Spiritual Growth -The Quality Of Our Relationship Is The  Foundation For Good Health

Spiritual Growth -The Quality Of Our Relationship Is The  Foundation For Good Health

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Spiritual Growth – The Quality Of Our Relationship Is The  Foundation For Good Health

Every day we are challenged by mother Nature to come closer to her bosom to drink the milk of love, harmony, connection and joy. Sadly, we rarely hear the sweet music buzzing around us to reach out to our natural habitat.   She whispers to us and nudges us to enter the nest of love, but yet our hearts are so fixed in the material form that we miss the invite and opportunity for self-improvement, spiritual development, and growth.                                              Sarainnerhealing Handwritten-Wedding-Valentines-Day-Love-Quote-Instagram-Story-169x300 Spiritual Growth -The Quality Of Our Relationship Is The  Foundation For Good Health
Today was a fascinating revelation. It will take over forty-eight hours of lamenting over a contentious matter before I suddenly got my wake up call. Within me, I was at peace but yet externally professing the insanity of the human race as if Nature will give in to my orders.  I am sure you can relate to those moments of madness that show up when we least expect……. Hopefully, we do not allow it to run the show for a prolonged period which will do untold damage to our mental, emotional, spirit and physical body. The quality of our relationships matters.

Our Ego is very cunning; It is anti-spiritual growth

Our ego is so cunning; it will present itself as the most important,  often zapping us into the web of selfish desires.  Every physical forms in our world – food, sex, honour, respect, money, beauty, knowledge and more have an incredible power to trap us into the world of form and separate us from our spiritual destiny. The mind we were born with and developed into adulthood is tied up with all our material desires. It is no wonder its focus is selfish and devoid of spirituality.
I so remembered myself sunk into the mysterious world of defending the ego today. It was surreal. The ego was threatened. The identity of importance was threatened. The identity of security was important. Thanks to Nature for the wake-up call. My special ritual saved me. 
After nothing shifted, I remembered a series of powerful mantras and affirmations – ‘Be Still And Know That I Am God’. I began reciting it. Then as I sat down,  the thought arrived- everything is fine. All things are working together for good. Be still. Your security is in the hands of Nature.  Another thought arrived- nothing shall by any means hurt you.
 I  suddenly remembered the importance of praying for your enemies and friends. Finally, I picked up my gratitude journal. I prayed, and then it hit me on the face. All you are fighting for is useless. Those who want to follow the path that leads to spiritual growth will need to relinquish the mind that created their past experiences. This, too, shall pass.

Take Control Of The Ego Using Prayers & Powerful Affirmations

We are all at risk of the ego’s powerful grip on us.  Without the right environment, prayers and support, we can never escape from this governance of selfishness. Whenever we find ourselves in anger and vexatious circumstances, it is a sure sign that the ego is at work. It has revealed its head to show us what we value the most. It also shows us our perceived sense of security.  
Calm down, take a deep breath and engage when the wake-up call arrives.Sarainnerhealing Pink-and-Gold-Instagram-Inspirational-Quote-Post-Template-1-300x300 Spiritual Growth -The Quality Of Our Relationship Is The  Foundation For Good Health


Never give the ego the power to run your life.  Stop, reflect and recalibrate.  Is what we are fighting for really capable of providing lasting security, health and happiness? In most cases, the answer is ‘NO’.  Money and relationships are always the areas the ego will use to trap us. We must be cautious as the quality of our relationships is the foundation for good health, wealth and security when we connect purposefully and in love.

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Author: Sara Ahavah