Spirituality For Beginners – Ego Creates Suffering; Spirituality Ends Suffering

Spirituality For Beginners – Ego Creates Suffering; Spirituality Ends Suffering

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Spirituality for beginners: Ego creates suffering; Spirituality ends suffering. 

Ego creates suffering and spirituality ends sufferings. It is worth repeating.  One cannot begin to comprehend the reason for sufferings without first understanding creation, the purpose of our existence and the invisible laws that govern our environment. Every one of us exists for a purpose, but sadly, we have limited our life purpose to our physical experiences. We are ignorant of the non-physical identity that creates the perception of our reality. We are unaware of how the forces that operate and govern our world work through us. We are ignorant of how we should interact when we experience different events that give us bad feelings. And as the sages say,’ the people suffer because of lack of understanding.

Until we go deeper and understand our true identity, our ego will create suffering. The purpose of life is not to create suffering. However, suffering occurs to awaken us to a higher purpose. That purpose is to align us to a higher consciousness which is a good connection with everyone and everything in our world. Spirituality is a study of bringing us in alignment with the purpose of life. Life is a giving force. Love is the force that gives life. Hence spirituality ends suffering created by the ego.

The absence of love will always create suffering due to selfishness. This is the root of our sufferings. Hence we must know who we are and how the ego operates us. Our existence is to give life to everyone. We can only do so when we learn how to love others unconditionally. Let now go deeper.

A Simple Exercise To Know Thyself

If you do not yet know who you are, complete the following exercise, and you will begin to discover your core identity.


  • Stop what you are doing and sit down quietly.
  • Observe your world from the inside- pay attention to your inner experiences.
  • Who is it that thing or person experiencing the world of physicality? Who is hearing the thoughts in your mind? Who is interacting with the views?
  • Who is seeing this world of the form you call planet earth?
  • Who is taking the actions after processing the thoughts? Go deeper and find out something about yourself.

The Ego Consciousness Is Anti-Love

Those who are daring enough to complete the exercise would learn something about their human identity. Whether you complete the activity or not, you will soon find you are not just your protein body. You will quickly find that a seer is observing and navigating the experience of life as you know it. That observer is you and is called consciousness. You will soon find out you as consciousness have qualities that dictate how you perceive your world. You have desires of likes and dislikes. You see what you want because there is an opposing force called the ego, that dominant consciousness. You perceive the world differently from how the higher power called Nature/God, Creator, does. Whereas Nature sees through the lens of love for everyone, we operate as though we are independent of Nature. We work in the state of self-love. We resist giving love to others because the opposing force of the ego rules our consciousness. Our resistance to loving others creates suffering. Until we learn how to love, we create suffering for ourselves.


To end sufferings, we need to learn how to love others unconditionally. We must end suffering through a higher self. We need to make spirituality our goal to navigate life. We need to constrain the egoistic consciousness and master love. To learn how to master love today, sign up for our free masterclass . CLICK HERE

Author: Sara Ahavah