Spirituality For Beginners – How To Become Bigger Than  Your Problems

Spirituality For Beginners – How To Become Bigger Than Your Problems

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Spirituality For Beginners   shows you  how to become bigger than your problems.

We often make the mistake that our world is evil and bad things happen to us daily. When one begins to understand the purpose of life and that no one can demonstrate love towards others without the revelation of evil, a significant paradigm shift occurs.
Life is a spiritual journey. Its purpose is to reveal the force that creates, and that force is love. Every one of us must build within us the strength of love, and the evil we experience is the opportunity to build the power of love. Imagine life without any evil!! What will be its purpose? Well, think about it. We will be in heaven- the state of perpetual love, peace and joy.
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Planet earth is a different state and experience. Here, we are given the knowledge of the bad to become spiritually stronger and wiser to extinguish their effects. We are allowed to transcend every evil force with good forces. We are allowed to walk through the fire confidently without being burnt and hurt by it through the extraordinary power of love.

How To Become  Bigger Than Your  Problems –   Tip Number One


Now let us look at  how  to become bigger than your problem. This is my tip number one for you. Do not pray for the evil to be removed but for you to be bigger and wiser than it so that you can walk through it and never be harmed. Psalm 23 comes to mind- The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall lack nothing. Yeah though I walk through the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil because Thou art with me.
So today, let your prayer be focused on the PURPOSE OF LIFE. You were born to conquer evil. You were born to be BIGGER than evil. Your powerhouse to do so is divine. Love is your POWER, and through LOVE, you can overcome. Pay no attention to the evil but the POWER OF LOVE through your divine connection that nullifies the effect of all evil. Remember, energy flows where attention goes. If you focus on the evil, it will multiply. Your attention is energy; it is your divine fuel.

Sarainnerhealing Copy-of-Red-and-Pink-Bold-Love-Typography-T-Shirt-300x251 Spirituality For Beginners - How To Become Bigger Than  Your Problems  Spirituality For Beginners   teaches us  that LOVE is the master key to transcend evil.


 Here is why  you should become bigger than your  problem by developing  LOVE.  Spirituality is the alignment with  the qualities of LOVE which is the force that  governs the entire universe.
In contrast to focusing  on the bad, If you focus on the LOVE of others, you create a positive effect. Your divine fuel must be used wisely. Make wise choices to deal with every challenge in your life. Find yourself communities to be of service – GIVING LOVE more than you have ever done in your life. This is your secret weapon over the human experience.


The inner qualities of our beliefs drive our desires, actions and feelings. It drives the experiences we go through. When we heal defective thinking and beliefs, we heal our world experiences. When  we   develop more LOVE attitude over   hate and disharmony, we  outgrow  the problems. They become like old clothes that do not fit us anymore.

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Author: Sara Ahavah