Spirituality For Beginners – Turning a curse into a blessing

Spirituality For Beginners – Turning a curse into a blessing

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The entire system of Nature is a mystery. On the one hand, one cannot live harmoniously and peacefully in the ego, yet it is part of the fabric of our world. On the other hand, Love is the quality that ultimately brings us closer to the Creator. The Creator is SHALOM – wholeness and unity with all.

When we consciously observe the system of Nature, we see that the ego and its vices bring us closer to the Creator. It does so in an extraordinary manner. As humans, we detest suffering of all types, as our true Nature is Love, peace, security and harmony. We hate war, poverty, insecurity, degrading conduct, pain in the body, mind and emotions and much more. Have you ever thought about why this is so?

How To  Turn Curses Into Blessings –   LOVE OTHERS DAILY

 The ego invokes forces opposing our true Nature for a good reason. It is there to give us signals for correction. It is as if the Creator meticulously crafted our world with this device to bring us in balance at some point in our lives, whether we are conscious about the ego or not. There is no shortage of sufferings in this world, and it is there to do us a great favour to turn them into blessings. If only we understand the purpose of life through the lens of spirit we will turn every curses into blessings  daily without prolonged sufferings.


Sarainnerhealing Copy-of-Red-and-Pink-Bold-Love-Typography-T-Shirt-300x251 Spirituality For Beginners - Turning a curse into a blessing  Spirituality For Beginners   teaches us  that LOVE is the master key to transcend evil.

The next time you are faced with challenges, learn to see them as the cord to a bigger change within you and others. They are the signals that awaken our soul purpose towards the true essence of Nature as – UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL. If we were taught how to quickly connect above our ego to transmute its negative effect on us and others, our world would be much better.


Fighting ego with ego is a recipe for disaster. It is a slow path to death of the body and the spirit. One must understand that their ego is there to teach them a lesson. The lesson is none other than the importance of overcoming and loving others to reach a state of peace, security and harmony.

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Author: Sara Ahavah