The Ego-The Silent Killer Of Relationships

The Ego-The Silent Killer Of Relationships

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The Ego -The Silent Killer Of Relationships

 The Ego is the silent killer of all relationships– says my spiritual teacher. I have journeyed thousands of miles to get counsel from him on a cold winter day. I expected a miracle. After all, that what spiritual teachers are there for. My world was falling apart when I first met my teacher for the first time. Everyone will hit a low point in their life when nothing makes sense. You are not alone- my teacher said .

As I processed what he told me, my emotional temperature skyrocketed. I cannot believe what I have heard. Who is the Ego? My mind raced in all different directions. I am desperate to understand life’ purpose. I want to be successful, and here I was being told the Ego is the killer of my success goals.Sarainnerhealing Affection-Definition-Quote-Instagram-Story-with-Pink-Clouds-169x300 The Ego-The Silent Killer Of Relationships
My teacher stirred at me. Well, I know this is not what you want to hear. Your Ego is the silent killer of your relationships- do you understand what I am saying. Yes- I heard you, I replied. But who is the Ego? I am desperate. I need a solution.
He continued calmly- you are tied to your Ego. Everyone is connected to their Ego. It would help if you made peace with it. Until you do, your relationships will always suffer. You are not alone. Everyone should do this or suffer many blows in their relationships. Your education in this world strengthens your Ego. Your emotions must transform to open your heart. Your relationships will work when your heart is opened.
Baffled, I stood silently, waiting to summon an appropriate response. I could not make sense of the statement. Why was I never taught about the Ego up to this point? My relationships are not working because of my Ego. I thought the problems were the mean-minded people in my life. I have people who hate me for no good reason. Are they the Ego? I don’t understand.
I have grown accustomed to the idea that some relationships are not worth it. I thought these people were my enemies. I grew up believing I need to wage war against my enemies. I cannot believe I am now told differently. These thoughts raced through my mind like a film of my life over the last four decades.
My teacher smiled as though he is a mind reader. He can hear my thoughts and knew I was perplexed by his reactions. Then he continued; you are perfectly normal he said calmly. You are not alone in this journey. Everyone battles their Ego. Do you understand what I am saying?
I thought for a few minutes before I responded. No!! I don’t understand you. I do not know who the Ego is. I have never had such a concept mentioned to me. Okay, my teacher retorted. I will explain this matter to you. Calm down- everything will be okay.

What is the Ego- the silent killer of relationships

Your Ego is an opposing force. It is the silent killer of relationships. Nature is made of two forces- the negative and the positive. The Ego is the opposing force, and love is a positive force. The Ego will never connect with others healthily. It is the antagonistic force that seeks to abuse and exploit others.
Your complaints and criticisms of others are good examples of the Ego’s opposing force in your life. Your conflicts with others are the Ego’s influence on you. Until you learn to balance the negative energy with the power of love, you will experience relationship breakdown. You and billions of people must understand that life is about balancing forces. Life is about creating more positive energies in a world that is inundated with more negative energies. The responsibility is yours.
The Ego’s job is to resist healthy connection with others. It faults others. It seeks to rob others of their dignity. It sees what is economically advantageous for you and no more. It is self-centred and selfish. Like you, even I have this force operating in me. It is part of being human. Your role is to transcend it and bring balance, harmony and love into your life.


Make Peace With The Ego  Sarainnerhealing Copy-of-Copy-Pink-Happy-Valentines-Day-Instagram-Post-300x300 The Ego-The Silent Killer Of Relationships

It will help if you learn to rise above the Ego. Accepting the Ego’s presence does not mean tolerating its dominance. Your role is to take the driving seat of your life. You do so when you learn to work with the Ego correctly. Make peace with the Ego. Without the Ego, you have no hope of changing your spiritual destiny. When you rise above the Ego, you transform spiritually.


Love is the healer of all relationships. Everyone in your life is connected to you. Your Ego will mislead you to believe otherwise. You will always find faults in everyone through your Ego. Your problems with relationships will solve when you master the force of love above the Ego. Love sees perfection and warms the heart. Love brings the spirit of people closer and helps mend every challenge.
Learn how to master love, and you will learn how to heal your relationships.

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Author: Sara Ahavah